Aerial photograph of Mount Lindesay – Scenic Rim Region, August 1973

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

From The Beaudesert Times, Friday 20 March 1931:

Mount Lindesay Conquered by Ladies.

On Saturday last Mr Bert Salmon of the Agricultural and Stock Department, Brisbane, accompanied by Miss Jean Easton of the same Department and Miss Nora Dymer of Beerwah, North Coast line arrived at Rathdowney by motor car, and walked to the residence of our congenial host Mr Merriman at Mt. Lindesay with whom they spent the night. On Sunday morning they took their departure to engage in their attempt on the mountain. On arrival at the first cliff they prepared themselves by changing sandshoes and leaving their packs behind, and as previously arranged with Mr Merriman they coo-eed in token of their commencement of the difficult ascent.

The first wall was scaled in 3/4 of an hour. After a brief spell the second wall was scaled in 1/2 an hour, and the remainder of

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