Amy Huggins "Miss Post Office", c 1940

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

The Courier Mail
Thurs 10 Oct 1940

Miss A.I.F. Not Risking Clothes Shortage

Miss Amy Huggins, winner of the Miss A.I.F. contest, will take enough clothes to Sydney on Monday, to last for a year. She intends to stay in Sydney for two weeks.

Last night, she and her companion for the trip, Miss Lorna Fenner, who was runner up to Miss Huggins when Miss Post Office was being chosen for the contest, finished their packing at Miss Fenner’s home at East Brisbane.

Here are some of the items which Miss Huggins won in the competition :-

Three suitcases; a silver fox fur; three hats; three pairs of shoes; street dresses; sports wear; an evening frock; cosmetics to last two years; a wristlet watch; underclothing; and hair treatment at a city beauty salon.

Also she had her contest crown converted into a jewel pendant. It is two months since

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