Appeal Over Approved Commercial Building On James Street

James Street
Photo credit: Google Street View

A Brisbane firm has lodged an appeal to the Planning and Environment Court to refuse planning permission for a previously approved six-storey commercial building on James Street in Fortitude Valley.

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Citing various issues, Jezreel Pty Ltd and Matthew Sorbello has filed a notice of appeal against Brisbane City Council’s approval of developer Forme One Pty Ltd’s plans for a six-storey building at 75-85 James St in Fortitude Valley.

Plans for the building include a food and drink outlet, shop, office, and bar. BCC granted approval for the building in November 2022.

Artist’s impression for proposed development at 75-85 James St, Fortitude Valley (Photo credit: Richards & Spence/Brisbane City Council) 

Mr Sorbello filed the appeal on 13 December, citing grounds that include the alleged;y inappropriate height and scale for its locality, and the loss of existing on-street car parking spaces in Harcourt Street.

“The proposed development, by the provision of a bar, seven retail tenancies and seven office tenancis is inconsistent with New Farm Plan overall outcome, which seeks to ensure that the James and Arthur streets sub-precinct remains a secondary neihgbourhood centre,” the appeal reads.

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Mr Sorbello’s family is known for running businesses throughout Brisbane, including the Merthyr Village Shopping Centre in New Farm.

Photo credit: Richards & Spence/Brisbane City Council

Among their claims is that the bar, which would operate between 12:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. is inconsistent with community expectations for the locality.

During the public notification period, the DA received a total of 19 submissions from residents, most of which are objecting to the proposed development. 

Aside from the demolition of blocks of units along James St, the development would also entail knocking down three pre-1911 character buildings, a decision that locals believe would have an impact on the existing local character of the area.

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Further updates regarding the notice of appeal for 75-85 James Street, Fortitude Valley can be checked via Council’s website, with the application number A005834091.