Beautiful Codfish being landed aboard boat by Mr J Lingard, near Flood Rock, c 1931

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

A fine catch, but one April in 1939 ….

The Honolulu Star Bulletin
1April 1939

Scientist Scores Again
Fish-Also Story-Record

The biggest fish ever to be caught in Hawaiian waters, or any other waters outside the fairy tale books, was exhibited to cheering thousands in downtown Honolulu today.

After hours of vicious battling, the monster was brought to gaff near the Diamond Head buoy by Dr. Thorkel Gellison, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., famous Norwegian scientist and authority on prevaricana. Four Young Bros. tugs were required to tow the leviathan into port.

“It was nothing,” smiled Dr. Gellison. “I have not only caught bigger fish but have told bigger fish stories.”

The doctor explains that this titanic fish is very common in the Norwegian fjords, particularly Model A, and that very often they are captured and tamed and ridden with saddle and bridle.

Scientific name for the great fish is Gellisoni Fabricata, it having been discovered

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