Beware the "honk machines" … QATB Babinda Centre 1949

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Cairns Post
Friday 31 Dec 1920

Babinda Notes


Our roads and bridges in particular have been receiving some comment of late, and are (the bridges) being designated as veritable death traps, but all the same, wind explosions, or pen efforts, will not alter the pace of the owners of honk machines who smillingly negotiate the said death traps at racing speed. Posts and wires were securely placed on all these bridges, but had to be removed owing to the formidable amount of debris and logs that are carried along by the flood waters, and find resting places against the many bridges that span those streams.

The Babinda structure receives an unusual amount of timber, and on several occasions the chance of its demolition seemed a sure thing. All measures and precautions may be made for the prevention of accidents, but the fact remains that accidents will occur and at

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