Brisbane central business district looking across the Brisbane River from River Terrace, Kangaroo Point, c 1932

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Kangaroo Point

Boosterism was a prime motivation of the National Party government during the 1980s. In submissions brought to Cabinet in October (Dec. 49802) by the Premier, many of the proposals currently being considered were summarised.

While that submission was withdrawn, it further highlights how development was valued above everything else with environmental, community and amenity concerns often seemingly a secondary consideration.

On 29 September 1986, Lands, Forestry, Mapping and Surveying minister Bill Glasson sought Cabinet to approve the Fricker Carrington Group as preferred developer, to be given a year to determine suitability of the site around Kangaroo Point. The site consisted of 6.273 hectares and the Premier had announced in earlier reports that the land package was worth ‘at least $10 million’ (The Courier Mail, 23 April 1986). By far the most generous bidder, Fricker Carrington’s offer at $8.5 million along with the promise

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