$500,000 Reward Offered in Cold Case of Woman Known to Work in Fortitude Valley

A substantial $500,000 reward has been announced for crucial information that could help solve the mystery surrounding the 1995 disappearance and suspected murder of Tammy Dyson, who was known to work in Fortitude Valley.

Tammy Lisa Dyson, who also went by the name Tamela Menzies, was a 23-year-old mother of two from Victoria who had established her life in Queensland. She had moved to Brisbane in 1988, where she and her sister Olivia found employment in the nightlife of Fortitude Valley, particularly at Red Garter. 

Under the nickname “Pebbles,” Tammy was associated with individuals involved in illicit activities known to local police.

Tammy Dyson worked at a club in Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: QPS

Detailed Timeline of Events

  • 1988: Tammy moves from Victoria to Brisbane, followed by her sister Olivia. They begin working in clubs in Fortitude Valley.
  • 1989-1994: Tammy lives intermittently between New South Wales and Victoria with her partner, Natalis. They have two children, Jyles in 1991 and Rainey in 1994.
  • Early 1995: Tammy moves to Inala, Queensland, with her new partner, Ricky Devisser, while her children stay with her mother in Victoria.
  • Mid-1995: After a distressing call to her sister, Tammy is found assaulted and is taken by her sister to the Currumbin Clinic on the Gold Coast for drug rehabilitation.
  • 16 July 1995: Tammy is admitted to the Currumbin Clinic.
  • 20 July 1995: She is discharged from the clinic, last seen with an unidentified woman claiming to be her sister.
  • 21 July 1995: Tammy signs a statutory declaration at Tweed Heads, transferring custody of her children and her possessions to her mother.
  • 8 September 1995: After no further contact, Tammy is reported missing by her mother to Victoria Police.

Renewed Investigation and Reward

The Queensland Police Service, through their Homicide Cold Case Investigation Team, has reopened the investigation, spurred by new analyses that began in 2022. The team is offering a $500,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Dyson’s suspected murder. 

Additionally, an indemnity from prosecution is available for any accomplice who did not commit the crime, should they come forward first with information.

Tammy Dyson
Photo Credit: QPS

Investigators are specifically interested in identifying the woman who collected Tammy from the Currumbin Clinic and in gathering more information about Tammy’s life and associations in Brisbane and the Gold Coast during the time leading up to her disappearance. They stress that every piece of information is too small or irrelevant, encouraging anyone with any knowledge, however minor it may seem, to come forward.

Anyone with information related to the disappearance of Tammy Dyson, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is strongly encouraged to contact the authorities to aid in this longstanding investigation.

Information can be reported anonymously to Crime Stoppers by calling 1800 333 000. Alternatively, details can be submitted online via the Crime Stoppers Queensland website at www.crimestoppersqld.com.au.

Published 20-April-2024

Queensland Researchers Pioneer Breakthrough Sports Tech to Prevent Devastating Injuries

Whilst the world’s top sport clubs seek out the latest sports science innovations, it’s a research team right here in Brisbane that’s making waves with a revolutionary new approach to injury prevention. 

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Led by Griffith University’s Associate Professor Matthew Bourne in collaboration with Brisbane-based firm VALD Performance, this homegrown sports tech project could be a game-changer for female athletes across the country. 

Dr Bourne has just returned from the UK and Ireland, where he presented his findings to the powerhouses of European football – names like Liverpool, Manchester United, and Celtic. But the real opportunity lies closer to home, as Queensland gears up to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Photo credit: VALD Performance/Facebook

The focus of his research is on cracking the code of one of the most devastating injuries in sport – the dreaded ACL tear. These debilitating knee injuries often sideline athletes for up to a year, with some never returning to peak performance. But Dr Bourne and his team believe they have found a way to predict and prevent these career-threatening incidents.

“ACL ruptures are among the most catastrophic injuries sustained in sport and occur 3-6 times more frequently in female than male athletes, even after accounting for differences in exposure,” Dr Bourne stated.

Through a simple 10-minute assessment, they can now identify up to 80 percent of athletes at risk of future ACL reconstruction. Associate Professor Bourne explained that the secret lies in analysing not just strength and power, but also factors like posture, gait, and running mechanics, stating that they are “able to be so much more accurate than just relying on visual assessments.”

This breakthrough technology is being supported by another Brisbane-based tech company TechnologyOne.

TechnologyOne CEO Ed Chung stated that this is a “chance to showcase Queensland’s sports tech capabilities on the world stage.” Chung’s Fortitude Valley-based company is supporting Associate Professor Bourne’s project, which could reduce ACL injuries and keep more female athletes in the game.

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Chung stated that the upcoming 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Queensland presented an excellent opportunity to accelerate growth in the state’s sports tech sector. 

Chung also expressed his hope that the Games would feature Queensland’s own sports technology innovations, with infrastructure built by local construction giants like BMD and Hutchies, all powered by Queensland-made TechnologyOne software.

Published 17-April-2024

Queensland Rugby Union Welcomes Jubilee Hotel as Official Hotel Partner

Did you know that the Queensland Rugby Union has forged a new partnership with the Jubilee Hotel in Fortitude Valley, elevating it to what could be the “clubhouse for rugby in Brisbane?”

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This partnership will bring a host of exciting initiatives to the table, including the introduction of “Sunday Specials” – a series of rugby-themed events and promotions catered specifically to players and enthusiasts across Queensland.

The Jubilee Hotel, affectionately known as “The Jube,” has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. After a $200 million makeover, the hotel reopened in 2022 and was named the “Best Redeveloped Hotel” by the Queensland Hotels Association in 2023.

Photo credit: Jubilee Hotel/Facebook

Publican Mark Lassman, who has firsthand experience of the power of rugby, having been at the helm of the Normanby Hotel during the Queensland Reds’ 2011 Super Rugby title celebration, is thrilled about the new partnership.

Photo credit: Jubilee Hotel/Facebook

“I love the old-style hotels. What you get with The Jube is both…a wonderful new hotel and the atmosphere of the heritage-listed hotel retained within it,” Mr Lassman said.

Photo credit: Jubilee Hotel/Facebook

The Jubilee Hotel’s rich rugby history is evident in its past. Former publican Chris “Buddha” Handy, a Wallaby and larger-than-life character, helped establish the venue as a hub for the sport.

For the QRU, aligning with a venue that shares its genuine passion for rugby was an easy decision. 

“The Jubilee Hotel boasts an outstanding range of function spaces which will be ideal for public and private QRU events, as well as an excellent restaurant with a great dining experience, and is one of the most beautifully furbished venues in the country,” said QRU Chief Executive David Hanham.

With the British and Irish Lions tour scheduled for next year and the upcoming World Cups for both the men’s and women’s teams, the partnership between The Jube and the Queensland Rugby Union promises to be a game-changer for rugby enthusiasts in Brisbane.

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As the Jubilee Hotel continues to cement its status as the “clubhouse for rugby in Brisbane,” rugby fans across Queensland can look forward to a new era of camaraderie, celebration, and unforgettable experiences at this iconic venue.

Published 15-April-2024

ANZAC Day: The Resilience of Cecily Lydia Fearnley, Brisbane Girls’ Grammar Alumna

Cecily Lydia Fearnley (nee Sandercock), a former Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School student, not only played a significant role during World War II by working in the classified security section of the US Army headquarters in Brisbane but also navigated the era’s fashion constraints with the innovative use of liquid nylon powder as a substitute for unavailable traditional stockings.

Early Years and War Contributions

Born in Brisbane in 1925, Cecily’s education at Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II. At 17, she briefly evacuated to Adelaide when Australia was at war with Japan but her career path unexpectedly prepared her for significant wartime contributions. 

Cecily Lydia Fearnley at 17
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

Whilst her family members served in various capacities—her father as a Divisional Engineer and her brother in the RAAF—Cecily found her calling back home, using her skills in a vital yet less visible role.

Cecily and her brother, Kenneth
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland
The Sandercock Family
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

Cecily started working at the US Army headquarters in Brisbane. She was assigned the role of a tracer, which involved creating detailed maps. These maps were crucial for planning and executing military operations, including identifying the exact locations of aircraft crash sites. Cecily’s precise work ensured that recovery teams could quickly locate and retrieve bodies for burial. Her contributions to the Allied efforts during the war were invaluable, especially in carrying out the solemn duty of giving soldiers a proper burial.

Cecily’s diligence and skill were highly recognized, leading to her promotion to the classified security section at the young age of 19. This promotion was a testament to her exceptional capabilities and the trust placed in her by her superiors. In this highly sensitive role, she dealt with confidential information crucial to the security and success of military operations. Her promotion marked a significant achievement in her career and highlighted the critical roles women played in supporting wartime logistics and intelligence efforts.

Post-War Achievements and Personal Life

Following the war, Cecily continued to foster her passion for art, joining the Queensland Museum as an art assistant in 1947. Her contributions to natural history were recognized in 2001 when she received the Queensland Naturalist Award. Her personal life flourished alongside her career; she married James Phillip Raymond Fearnley in 1953. 

Celily Lydia Fearnley and her husband James Raymond Phillips Fearnley
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

Cecily also authored several personal histories, documenting her wartime experiences and those of her family and fellow citizens, including anecdotes of the stockings shortage during the war. These documents are now valuable resources at the John Oxley Library.

The Nylon Stockings Saga

Nylon stockings were first introduced at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, and quickly became a popular choice among women due to their affordability and durability. However, with the outbreak of World War II, the military began requisitioning nylon for their own use, leading to a severe shortage of stockings for civilian women. 

This shortage left many women in a difficult position, as stockings were considered a societal norm. To solve this problem, innovative products like liquid nylon powder were introduced. These products enabled women to maintain their appearance and adhere to societal expectations despite the shortages. One such woman who used this solution was Cecily Lydia Fearnley.

Liquid Nylon
Photo Credit: State Library of Queensland

Cecily’s possession of a package of liquid nylon powder, currently on display at the Anzac Square Memorial Galleries, represents the creative and resourceful solutions women sought during the war. This product enabled Cecily and other women to replicate the look of traditional stockings, which helped them preserve their personal and social identities despite the challenges brought about by the war.

Women’s ability to innovate in the face of restrictions highlighted their resilience and role in sustaining morale and social norms during challenging times. Through her writings and the memories preserved in these artifacts, the legacy of Cecily Lydia Fearnley still inspires and educates, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of innovation in times of need.

Published 15-April-2024

Interesting Things to Know About the Five Memorials in ANZAC Square

Anzac Square, the country’s first state memorial that opened in Brisbane in 1930, is considered hallowed ground to the families of those whose heroism are commemorated there. It is home to a number of important monuments that serve as powerful reminders of Australia’s wartime sacrifices and the ongoing impact of conflict on its society. 

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From the iconic Shrine of Remembrance to the memorials honouring those who served in the Korean War, Vietnam War, and South West Pacific Campaign, Anzac Square is a sacred space that deserves a closer look. Let’s explore some fascinating details about each of these influential memorials.

Shrine of Remembrance

Photo credit: Elliott Bledsoe/Google Maps

At the very heart of Anzac Square sits the majestic Shrine of Remembrance, a striking marble structure topped with a bronze statue of a soldier. Designed in a classical architectural style, this memorial contains numerous inscriptions and artworks that commemorate the valour and sacrifices of our heroes.

Anzac Square and the Shrine of Remembrance c1930 (John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland)

Boer War Memorial

The Boer War Memorial standing in Anzac Square today actually has quite a fascinating history. Originally located in front of the Trades Hall Building, the monument was later moved to its current prominent position within the square in 1939. 

The Boer War Memorial also known as the South African War Memorial (Photo credit: CC BY-SA 4.0/Kgbo/Wikimedia Commons)

Interestingly, the statue was modelled after Sergeant Frederick James Hockey, a Queensland soldier who fought in both the Boer War and World War I, ultimately reaching the rank of major.

Women’s Memorial

Photo credit: Peter Smith/Google Maps

On the western wall of Anzac Square, visitors can find the poignant Women’s Memorial. Erected by the women of Queensland, this sculptural panel depicts infantry and horse-drawn guns, memorialising those female service members who gave their lives during World War I. In front of the memorial stands a sandstone drinking fountain supported by four bronze fish.

South West Pacific Campaign Memorial

Photo credit: Paul Zomer/Google Maps

Anzac Square also features a memorial dedicated to the Australians and their allies who served and perished during the South West Pacific Campaign of World War II, a significant theatre of operations from 1942-1945.

Korea, Malaya, and Borneo Memorials

Anzac square
Photo credit: Fing Chiew/Google Maps

The Korea, Malaya, Borneo memorial depicts an Australian veteran from the Malaya and Borneo campaigns standing side-by-side with a Korean War soldier, their outstretched arms symbolising a call for peace and reconciliation. 

A separate memorial was dedicated to those who served and perished during the Vietnam War from 1962 to 1973. This poignant statue shows an Australian soldier directing a medical helicopter to tend to his wounded comrade, capturing the compassion and camaraderie of those who fought in that divisive conflict.

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If you want to learn more about the rich history and significance of the Anzac Square memorials, be sure to visit the interactive digital galleries located within the precinct. 

Anzac square

Photo credit: anzacsquare.qld.gov.au

These recently updated exhibits feature a wealth of new content, including digital stories of Queensland service personnel, personal accounts from World War II veterans, 3D scanned mementos, updated battalion histories, engaging quizzes, and a trove of additional photographs drawn from the extensive military collections of the State Library. 

Exploring these immersive displays provides a deeper appreciation for the bravery, sacrifice, and lasting impact of Australia’s wartime experiences embodied within the hallowed grounds of Anzac Square.

Published 11-April-2024

Rise in E-Scooter-Related Injuries Sparks Safety Concerns

The e-scooter craze has officially taken a dangerous turn, with hospitalisations for e-scooter-related injuries reaching a record high in 2023.

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For the first time ever, the number of people ending up in emergency departments due to e-scooter crashes has surpassed that of cyclists, with over 100 e-scooter riders a month requiring hospital treatment in Queensland.

Police data shows that more than 5,500 infringement notices were handed out to e-scooter riders last year for a range of offences, with some clocked travelling at speeds up to 90 km/h. Drugs and alcohol were contributing factors in a large number of the more serious crashes, including fatalities.

Photo credit: Kristof Topolewski/Pixabay

The Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit, which compiles data from 26 emergency departments across the state, recorded 1,273 e-scooter-related injuries last year – up from 1,033 in 2022. The problem has become particularly pronounced in the Brisbane CBD, where riders are frequently spotted without helmets and even riding three to a single scooter.

Photo credit: Silviu on the street/Pixabay

In a shocking incident in November 2023, a woman was seriously injured after being hit by a cement truck whilst riding an e-scooter on Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley. Tragically, this was not an isolated event.

The state’s Transport and Main Roads department is now investigating options to further combat the issue of drink-riding, including potentially enabling police to conduct random breath tests on e-scooter users.

According to Brisbane City Council, since the arrival of e-scooters in the city in November 2018, there have been over 4 million rides taken by 1.4 million users. Whilst the new transport options offer opportunities to reduce reliance on private cars, the safety concerns have been an ongoing source of debate.

Photo credit: Christian Bueltemann/Pixabay

The council says it has introduced a range of safety initiatives, including late-night hiring restrictions, helmet locks, speed limits on shared paths, parking hubs, and geofencing and no-ride zones. However, the sheer number of injuries suggests these measures have not been enough to rein in the growing e-scooter crisis.

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With no signs of the e-scooter trend slowing down, authorities will need to take urgent and decisive action to address the safety issues before the situation spirals further out of control. The health and wellbeing of riders and other road users must be the top priority as this new transport revolution continues to evolve.

Published 9-April-2024

Unusual Entry Protocol: Caps Should Be Worn Backwards At Fortitude Valley Hotel, Other Establishments

Customers wearing caps are asked to wear them backwards before entering the Osbourne Hotel in Fortitude Valley; at other establishments, customers are even asked to take them off completely before entering. Find out why.

Visitors to the city’s pubs typically adhere to a simple dress code of shirts and shoes, but recently, the Osbourne Hotel surprised a patron with an unexpected rule.

Whilst trying to enter the Osbourne Hotel in Brisbane, a man encountered a surprising request from a security guard: he was asked to wear his cap backwards to gain entry. Despite his confusion, the man complied, wondering at the reason for the rule enforced at the establishment.

@swagmeisters69 This was an actual rule at the Osbourne Hotel last night #brisbane ♬ End of Beginning – Djo

Actually, other establishments enforce strict policies such as ‘backwards cap only’ or require guests to take off their hats completely before entering. The Osbourne Hotel in Fortitude Valley is not an exception.

Photo Credit: Pexels/Rachel Claire

Although aking off one’s hat has significant cultural meaning and is a mark of respect in many places, this regulation has a more useful purpose than just tradition in the context of bars and comparable venues in the city.

Enforcing such regulations makes it easier to identify people, especially with CCTV footage, and helps venues have security measures in place. In case of any untoward occurences, authorities and the management of the establishment will find it easier to trace and identify patrons and customers without their faces being obscured by caps and the like.

Remember this next time you bring a cap when going out for a night around town. When entering a pub or bar, wear it backwards or not at all.

Published Date 01-April-2024

Fortitude Valley’s Newest Hotspot: Ballers Clubhouse Revolutionises Party Time as Playtime

Want to spice up your nightlife? Ballers Clubhouse, the brainchild of hospitality visionaries, is set to revolutionise party time as playtime in Fortitude Valley.

The energetic Ballers Clubhouse, hailing from Melbourne’s busy streets, is getting ready to revamp the familiar spot formerly occupied by King of Kings restaurant on Wickham Street.

This isn’t just your ordinary watering hole, though; it’s more like an adult playground with extra features to spice up your social adventures such as cutting-edge ping pong, darts, and even a karaoke gum ball machine.  

Highlights of Ballers Clubhouse

Neo Shuffle: A modern twist on the classic shuffleboard game, Neo Shuffle adds high-tech elements to elevate the experience. Players slide pucks down a sleek surface, aiming for strategic points to outscore their opponents.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

360 Ping Pong: Prepare to take your ping pong skills to the next level with 360 Ping Pong. This immersive game challenges players to navigate around a circular table, keeping the ball in play from all angles for an exhilarating and fast-paced match.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Social Darts: Darts get a social upgrade with this interactive game. Compete against friends or new acquaintances in a lively atmosphere, with various game modes and challenges to keep the excitement going.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Ballpit Karaoke: With Ballpit Karaoke, enjoy the best possible karaoke experience. Immersed in a colourful ball pit with contagious energy and colourful balls, sing your heart out. You’ve never experienced karaoke like this before!

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Still, that’s not the end of the exciting part. The meals and drinks at Ballers Clubhouse are designed to go well with the lively ambience and keep you feeling upbeat. A tempting assortment of finger food will be served, including crowd favourites like green curry arancini and panko-prawn tacos. 

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse
Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse
Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Fun and Unique Cocktails

Naturally, no trip would be complete without sampling their inventive cocktail menu. Enjoying a snack in between games or a distinctive beverage, Ballers Clubhouse’s menu guarantees an exciting and flavorful experience every time you visit.

Houdini’s Escape

This cocktail is named after the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini and is designed to evoke the thrill of his daring feats. A little safe is used to present the drink when it is ordered, which adds a mysterious and thrilling touch. An interesting and participatory element to the drinking experience is that in order to open the safe and enjoy your drink, you must first crack the code. It’s an experience waiting to happen, not simply a drink.

Smoky Skull Heist Negroni

With a hint of mystery and drama, this drink is a modern take on the traditional Negroni. The cocktail is delivered in what looks like a scene out of a crime movie—a black briefcase covered in smoke. The presentation creates a buzz of excitement and expectation that makes for an unforgettable sipping experience. Your evening at Ballers Clubhouse will be slightly more exciting as you sip on a Skull Heist Negroni, which will make you feel like you’re a part of a daring escapade.

Photo Credit: Website/BallersClubhouse

Ballers Clubhouse is more than simply a drinking game; it’s an attempt to gamify social interactions, created by a dynamic team that includes Chris Roberton, Stephen Wools, Josh Lefers, and Simon Jones. 

“We wanted to explore what lies beyond the typical bar experience,” says Stephen Wools. “That’s when we discovered this trend of competitive socialising that was gaining traction overseas.”

Following its success in Melbourne, Ballers Clubhouse now has Brisbane squarely in its sights. With 1,200 square metres of space and the ability to hold 600 people, the Fortitude Valley venue is sure to be a show-stopper. Imagine edgy urban sensations that are expertly blended with opulent details and first-rate facilities.

Ballers Clubhouse is scheduled to debut in March or April of 2024. Now that the ball is in your court, get set to play. Follow their Instagram page at @ballersclubhouse for more details.

Published Date 20-March-2024

Brisbane’s Conor Wallace Stops Jack Gipp in Six-Round Clash at Fortitude Music Hall

Rising Australian light heavyweight Conor Wallace and fellow contender Jack Gipp promised an action-packed fight, and they delivered on that promise Sunday night at the Fortitude Music Hall.

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The opening salvo

From the opening bell, the four-inch shorter Gipp stalks Wallace, looking to land his big left hook. Wallace obliges the crowd by engaging in heated exchanges, with both men having successes. Gipp bloodied Wallace’s nose at the end of the first round.

The back-and-forth action continued in the second. In the third, Gipp started finding a home for his left hook, backing Wallace to the ropes at times, though Wallace taunts and showboats to the crowd. Wallace begins landing in bunches in the fourth, while Gipp connects on an eye-catching lead left uppercut late in that same round.

The tide shifts for Conor Wallace

In the fifth, Gipp traps Wallace on the ropes and unloads, but Wallace spins off and fights back hard to gain the momentum edge heading into the sixth round.

Early in the sixth, the pace slows for a moment before Wallace starts letting his hands go in ferocious combinations, hurting Gipp and ultimately dropping him with a barrage along the ropes. After an eight count, Wallace refuses to let Gipp off the hook, swarming until the referee waves it off at the 2:48 mark.

What they said

“I think we did a bit of everything,” an ecstatic Wallace said. “My coach Greg Eadie is one of the best…without him none of this would be possible.”

Gipp showed class in defeat, stating: “I knew Conor would probably be the hardest fight of my career…I’m still getting used to light heavyweight. Maybe down the line we can do it all again.”

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Wallace’s promoter Mick Francis raved: “That was possibly the fight of the year…We need to move on to bigger and better things.”

Wallace concurred: “I’m definitely moving on overseas, right now.”

Published 19-March-2024

Nigella Lawson Describes Brisbane’s Agnes ‘An Extraordinary Experience’

The queen of indulgent home cooking, Nigella Lawson, recently brought her speaking tour to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre- but it was one of the city’s hottest restaurants that truly delighted her palate. 

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The bestselling author and television host visited Agnes in Fortitude Valley and documented the sublime experience on Instagram for her millions of followers.

“Ever since I found out that Adam Wolfers was opening Agnes Restaurant, I had been longing to go,” Lawson gushed. 

She started her feast with “rock oysters with coal mignonette (suitable for a former foundry) and Koji hot sauce, which was an extraordinary experience.”

“I must also report ecstatically the raw beef – chopped bigger than a regular tartare – with dripping toast. And the Bangalow pork chop with piccalilli and a concentrated sauce of trottery pork broth spoke insistently to me,” she wrote.

Agnes’ open kitchen (Photo credit: Suzie Lee/Google Maps) 

However, it was Agnes’ chicken skewer that Lawson declared “quite spun my senses.” The “chicken oysters brined in onion juice, flamed and brushed with toum, along with turmeric and fresh fenugreek” left Lawson “still reeling with pleasure” at the combination of flavours.

Photo credit: Junhyuk Choi/Google Maps 

Agnes seemed equally enamoured with their famous guest, responding that it was an absolute pleasure having Nigella Lawson dine with them and to see her joy when it comes to food first hand.

Photo credit: Agnes/Instagram 

Launched in 2020 by Anyday, the team behind Same Same and Honto restaurants – Tyron Simon, Bianca Marchi and Frank Li – along with former head chef of Gerard’s Bistro, Ben Williamson, Agnes has recently welcomed Adam Wolfers into the fold. Wolfers, who has joined the hospitality group this year, now serves as the new group chef overseeing operations at Agnes.

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For the beloved British personality known for her unabashed celebration of rich flavours and romantic descriptions of food, the ringing endorsement of Brisbane’s Agnes is sure to be a crowning feather in the restaurant’s cap.

Published 19-March-2024