Civil Aviation control tower, Archerfield – Brisbane, April 1955

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

From The Telegraph, Monday 16 December 1940:

Control Building Will Centralise Air Traffic

By Our Aviation Correspondent.

The administrative building, to be erected at Archerfield aerodrome shortly, will centralise passenger traffic as well as the work of civil aviation officers.

At present the weather and radio offices, control tower and departmental offices are scattered round the aerodrome. Air companies now handle passenger traffic at their respective hangars.

The new building will encroach upon the landing ground about 60 feet beyond the present temporary control building.

The original intention to place it further out on the drome was amended following the protests from air companies that the building would be too close to natural runways.

The present site is to be in front of the cemetery, and the public enclosure with the back of the building in line with the remporary control tower.


On the gound floor of the building passengers will enter

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