Colourful Homes, Happy Hearts: Get to Know Tamzyn Adding’s Mission in Australia

Tamzyn Adding
Photo credit: Tamzyn Adding/Instagram

Meet Tamzyn Adding, the celebrity fashion stylist bringing a burst of colour to Aussie homes. Freshly arrived, her mission is simple: fill houses with happy, personality-packed colours. Learn more about her story here.

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She just relocated from New Zealand this September, and she’s already leaving her mark. Her initial commercial project is in progress at a new hotel in Fortitude Valley, and there’s an exciting collaboration with the popular Sydney-based brand Incy Interiors set to launch later this year.

Ms Adding, who moved her business to Brisbane from Auckland, shared that when she started her business in 2013, her main goal was to make the concept of colour in interiors less intimidating. 

Photo credit: Tamzyn Adding/Instagram

Her business, fittingly named Miss Lolo, reflects her innate understanding of colour, transforming each piece into a focal point that turns living spaces into works of art. 

Tamzyn Adding
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At the heart of Miss Lolo lies a collection of wallpapers and upholstery that range from $150 to $2,220, ensuring there’s a piece for every budget. 

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Beginning with the transformation of vintage furniture using exquisite fabrics, Ms Adding breathed bold and vibrant new life into each piece. Growing up in a family of artists and armed with a design degree, Tamzyn used her natural sense of colour to create eye-catching pieces that easily became the centre of attention in any room.

Tamzyn Adding
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Evolving from there, she ventured into creating her distinct line of fabrics and wall coverings. 

Within just a few years, Ms Adding not only earned national business awards but also cultivated a substantial social media following. This success has enabled her to spread the joy of colour across numerous homes and businesses throughout New Zealand, as well as in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Her philosophy revolves around breaking free from the conventional, challenging the notion that neutral tones are the only path to resale success or that Scandi design reigns supreme.

In recent visits to Australia, Ms Adding mentioned that she has been having continuous interviews with potential clients. She noted that these clients were seeking something different and new, and they were all open to giving her a chance.

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Ms Adding emphasises that the essence of homes lies in being filled to the brim with happiness, sometimes requiring daring design choices. 

If you’re eager to explore her designs, be sure to check out the full range available at Ms Lolo.

Published 17-October-2023