Meet ēmmē: The Soon-To-Be Culinary and Artistic Delight in James Street

Branded as a day-to-night dinner, ēmmē, found in the ever-elegant and food-centered James Street is set to offer its innovative culinary haven infused with fashion and arts in the early April of 2024. 

Unlike other competitors in the high-end streets in Fortitude Valley, the bright orange establishment, replacing Spoon Deli, naturally captures the attention of locals in the area.

Alkot Studio and Tonic Projects are the well-respected design and construction companies behind the establishment of ēmmē. Covered with Italian stone, the establishment will have a total of 44 indoors seating spaces with an additional of 38 seats in the al fresco area. 

The restaurant’s aesthetics perfectly complement its main concept of showcasing unique fashion, arts and food of the locals. Some of the fashion brands that ēmmē has already collaborated with are Milu and Calexico. They are also planning to host art and fashion shows in the future. 

At ēmmē’s, fashion and arts are not the only things to express artistry and creativity with. The kitchen is also a great way to do it. 

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The Middle Eastern-Mediterranean inspired menu is the passion project of the kitchen’s head chef, Thomas Tze Lian, who has been cooking Mediterranean food almost all his career. 

However, Mr Lian doesn’t want to limit the place’s offering solely on these, the said cuisine can also go beyond a bit of Jordanian, Persian, Tunisian and Asian depending on the season. 

For drinks, a 50-bottle list is what ēmmē’s has to offer. Mr Lian is guided by Cutting Wine’s Marin Mamata in curating for his menu. 

He also revealed his spontaneity, because unlike normal restaurants, his dishes will not go by a name. 

One thing is for sure, ēmmē’s seasonal menus, mostly cooked through wood-fire, will be made through locally produced ingredients, from Middle Eastern-Mediterranean inspired breakfast, Wagyu dishes and mouth-watering seafood choices for dinner. 

Locals can experience ēmmē’s when they open or visit ēmmē’s official Instagram page for updates. 

Published 15-April-2024