Fortitude Valley Unit Complex Residents Targeted in String of Garage Thefts

Fortitude Valley District Crime Prevention Coordinators

A spate of thefts from garage storage cages and car parks in Fortitude Valley unit complexes has prompted a warning from Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley District Crime Prevention Coordinators.

The thieves, who gain access by tailgating residents or exploiting open garage doors, have made off with a variety of items, including bicycles, vehicle registration plates, tools, sporting equipment, luggage, personal documents, and household items.

Local police stress that the security of these shared spaces is a collective responsibility, urging both residents and building managers to remain vigilant and take proactive measures.

Implementing good security practices and removing incentives for thieves are crucial steps in deterring such crimes.

Photo Credit: Pexel/ Kate Wilcox

To assist residents in safeguarding their belongings, authorities have issued a series of practical tips. These include keeping valuables out of sight, ensuring garage doors close securely, reporting suspicious activity, using high-quality locks, and avoiding the storage of excess items in communal areas. 

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Motorbike owners are also advised to consider additional security measures like ground anchors, chains, and alarms.

In addition to these recommendations, the City Valley DCPC has been distributing flyers containing security information to letterboxes in the area. Residents are reminded that they can report any suspicious activity online or anonymously via Crime Stoppers.

Published Date 13-May-2024