Innisfail QATB

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Cairns Post
Mon 15 April 1929

Innisfail and District Accidents

Our Innisfail correspondent states that John Liles, aged 19, met with a perculiar accident. He is a labourer out of work and resides at Goondi Bend. Liles was tying up a cow when the animal pulled away from him and he received a lacerated wound on the right hand through being cut with a piece of tin. The ambulance gave first-aid treatment and then conveyed the sufferer to the hospital.

Edward Crampton, aged 45, a butcher working for Trembath Bros. also met with an accident under perculiar circumstances. He was cutting up meat when another employee spoke to him. Crampton turned around and in doing so the knife slipped and severed the radial artery of the left wrist. First aid was given by the Ambulance and the sufferer taken to a doctor, thence to a private hospital.

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