Mr Mick Busuttin coming down Coconut Palm head-first, Brampton Island, c 1931

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Barrier Miner
Sat 28 Jan 1933

Tourists to Great Barrier Reef
Dr Macgillivray Relates His Experiences

[…] Mr Busuttin, a Maltese, has two married sons who are very hardy specimens, especially Mick, the elder. Mick was engaged at one time in capturing crocodiles for the various zoological gardens in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. It is nothing for him to defend himself single handed against a shark and kill it with a knife.

He knows all passages and the islands intimately and ran with consumate ease barefooted over the sharp rocks and stone and coral reef. He is stall, strong, and wiry and climbs a coconut tree with his hands and feet and can come down head first. Some little time ago an airman who was engaged in an aerial survey on the Barrier Reef tried to emulate him. He climbed the tree all right, but came down head first

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