Mr Mick Busuttin walking up Coconut Palm, Brampton Island, c 1931

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Mr Busuttin’s father is discussed in the article below:

Barrier Miner
Sat 28 Jan 1933
Tourists to Great Barrier Reef
Dr Macgillivray Relates His Experiences


By evening we came to Keswick Island, which is separated from another large island, St Bees Island, by a narrow passage. We found that the two islands had been leased by a man named Busuttin, who has been on St. Bees for 23 years. He has a very nice house and I was very glad to see this place because it gave an idea of the possibilities of the islands. He has 13 square miles of country in hte two islands and runs over 2000 sheep, milks 12 cows, has goats, chinchilla, rabbits, grows 15 different kinds of fruit, having fruit all the year round, keeps his own vegetables, fowls, turkeys, ducks, and even grows his own coffee. He is practically self contained, except for

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