Multimillion-Dollar Dining Concept Set to Bring New Life to Chinatown in Fortitude Valley

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Chinatown in Fortitude Valley is set to experience a vibrant revival with the introduction of a groundbreaking dining concept that promises to breathe new life into the struggling precinct. 

Renowned chef and hospitality expert, Vince Moefa’auo, the mastermind behind the successful Bowen Hills cafe Halo Ground, is gearing up to launch Mr Duncan later this year. This ambitious project will feature a 300-seat restaurant and bar, housing five individually operated kitchens that will serve diverse cuisines.

The innovative concept of Mr Duncan allows diners to order from multiple cuisines simultaneously, enabling them to enjoy a variety of flavors in a shared dining experience. 

With the gradual decline of Chinatown, which has been marred by vacant storefronts and “for lease” signs, Moefa’auo believes that revitalisation is long overdue. He expressed his passion for the area, stating that Chinatown is “one most important parts of Brissie and one of our food districts.”

As a former chef at Brisbane’s renowned fine dining establishment Esquire and Melbourne’s esteemed Vue de Monde, Moefa’auo’s expertise and vision are expected to attract businesses and patrons back to the Chinatown precinct. By providing a range of affordable culinary options from different vendors, he aims to create a bustling atmosphere that entices new markets to invest and brings additional offerings to the area.

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Photo Credit: Google Maps

In addition to the expansive restaurant and bar, Moefa’auo is actively pursuing Council approval to construct a kiosk-style bar and eatery in the heart of the mall. This strategic move aims to further encourage foot traffic and inject vibrancy into the once stark strip. 

“It’s all about enlivening the street. Brunswick St is the party district, and this is more the start-off district, where you come first for a few drinks and to eat,” Moefa’auo said.

Three of the five eateries for Mr Duncan have already been confirmed. Diners can expect a Japanese, Vietnamese, and a meat-focused operator. The daytime menu will feature a casual selection, including sushi, banh mi, and pork and gravy rolls. As the day progresses into the evening, the menu will transition to a more premium dining experience, offering sashimi, charcuterie, whole fish, and shareable 1kg+ Tomahawk steaks.

Anticipation is building as the opening of Mr Duncan is slated for November 2023.

Published 25-June-2023