New $40M Music Venue in Fortitude Valley to Fill Void in Brisbane’s Live Entertainment Scene

Photo credit: The Triffid/Facebook

Following their success in Newstead, the owners of The Triffid are embarking on a $40-million project that aims to fill a void in the live entertainment scene in Fortitude Valley.

The plan is to turn the site at 312 Brunswick Street into an event, theatre and music venue, able to accommodate up to 3,300 people.

Location of the upcoming 312 Brunswick venue. (Photo credit: Google Earth)

While the likes of The Triffid and The Zoo provide some of the best in music venues in the city, there is still a need for medium-sized music spaces. This is the gap that the future venue intends to fill.

Owners and operators of The Triffid, including Scott Hutchinson of Hutchinson Builders, are teaming up to develop the 2,500-square-metre site. Around 1,000 square metres will be allocated for food and retail spaces.

Revitalising the Live Music Scene

The addition of the 312 Brunswick music venue is a positive development as it would help revitalise the live entertainment in the city.

The project is something that is close to the hearts of the collaborators who are all deeply engaged in the local live music industry. John Collins is the former bassist of Powderfinger, while Paul Piticco is a co-founder of Secret Sounds and operates music tours and festivals in the country. Mr Hutchinson is a huge patron of QMusic.

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The trio saw a need for venues that would accommodate a crowd between 3,000 and 4,000. This would attract artists requiring a space in between the huge music arenas and the more intimate music halls.

The Triffid in Newstead (Photo credit: The Triffid/Facebook)

The music venue promises to be a state-of-the-art space. It should be a perfect replacement for Festival Hall, which closed in 2003.

The same people responsible for the acoustic design of the Triffid will make sure that the 312 Brunswick Street venue will provide the same quality sounds as the Newstead music hall.

Construction on 312 Brunswick is set to start in January 2018 and is expected to open in mid-2019.