QATB Clermont Centre

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The Capricornian
Sat 6 Nov 1897

The Accident at Clermont
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One of the saddest accidents that has occurred in the history of modern Clermont happened last night at the Town Hall, says the Peak Downs Telegram of the 29th October. The Quadrille Assembly had arranged to hold its last night of the season, which had been a very successful one. Everything was provided, therefore, to make the wind-up of the season a brilliant success.

At half-past eight there was a rush to the gallery; before a quarter to nine that gallery was down on the floor of the hall, its timbers shivered as though it had been built of match-box wood – a very wreck. It was a flimsy structure, to say the least of it, and how it has carried the crowds of people we have seen in it we do not know. But it

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