Quintessential Secures Long-Term Lease from St Patrick’s Church for The Arbory in Fortitude Valley

The Arbory St Patrick Church Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: Quintessential

A $175-million project between the historic St. Patrick’s Church and developer Quintessential in Fortitude Valley is set to redefine the city’s business landscape, paving the way for the construction of The Arbory, a cutting-edge, environmentally conscious office building.

Quintessential’s long-term leasehold agreement with St Patrick’s Church has received approval to commence the construction of The Arbory, an eight-story, $175 million office building located at 58 Morgan Street. This project represents a significant addition to the inner-city precinct and the ongoing regeneration efforts around the iconic church, which dates back to the 1880s.

The Arbory has been designed by the renowned architectural firm Blight Rayner and is poised to become a symbol of innovation and sustainability in the heart of Fortitude Valley. The building will span 15,000 square meters of space, featuring 2000-square-meter floor plates, and will stand as a 100% electric, green-powered, fossil fuel-free office space.

The site will also encompass a remarkable 4,200-square-metre public space featuring lush landscaping and Ficus Obliqua fig trees, all centred around the heritage-listed property. This ambitious development aims to harmonize modernity and history by celebrating the architectural legacy of the area while introducing state-of-the-art office facilities.

The Arbory Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: Quintessential

The proposal’s unique design allows for the preservation of St. Patrick’s Church’s significant fabric and external elements, further enhancing the historical and cultural significance of the precinct. The plaza on the ground floor will serve as an expansive gathering space, providing a unique backdrop to the historic church and promoting visitation and awareness.

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In addition to the plaza, the project will also feature a rooftop recreation deck, offering users a covered court, olive tree courtyard, sunken courtyard, seating areas, and lush greenery.

The Arbory Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: Quintessential

Andrew Borger, Chief Investment and Operations Officer at Quintessential, describes The Arbory as a “next-generation” workplace. 

“The Arbory is supported by a unique green space environment and proximity to the retail and hospitality amenity offered by James St and the wider Fortitude Valley,” he said.

To facilitate the church’s restoration efforts, the leasing agreement between Quintessential and the Archdiocese will help fund the church’s refurbishment and upkeep. Additionally, the building will provide infrastructure support to the church, including solar power generation and potable water from its roof.

Andrew Carlton of CBRE, who has been appointed as the leasing agent for The Arbory project, anticipates a swift leasing campaign due to the high demand for premium office spaces in Fortitude Valley. 

“The Arbory is a green office oasis hidden in the heart of the city fringe’s most vibrant and connected precinct.

The development application for ‘The Arbory’ can be accessed on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online platform under application A005698653.

‘The Arbory’ has been hailed as a groundbreaking project that combines cutting-edge design with environmental consciousness. It promises to redefine the concept of a modern office space while preserving and celebrating Brisbane’s historical heritage.

Published 16-Sept-2023