Relive the Magic of Led Zeppelin IV with ARC at The Fortitude Music Hall

Led Zeppelin
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Brisbane’s music scene is set to experience a monumental event this weekend as the Australian Rock Collective (ARC) brings Led Zeppelin IV to life at The Fortitude Music Hall.

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The supergroup, composed of Darren Middleton (Powderfinger), Mark Wilson (Jet), Davey Lane (You Am I), and Kram (Spiderbait), is known for their electrifying performances and deep reverence for classic rock.

Dates and Venue

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Mark your calendars for June 15, when ARC will take the stage at The Fortitude Music Hall. This historic venue, renowned for hosting legendary acts, will be the perfect backdrop for a tribute to one of rock’s most influential albums.

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The Album: Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, often referred to simply as Led Zeppelin IV, was released on November 8, 1971. Produced by the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page and recorded between December 1970 and February 1971, primarily at the country house Headley Grange, the album is a masterclass in rock music. It features iconic tracks such as the eight-minute epic “Stairway to Heaven,” “Going to California,” “Black Dog,” and “Rock and Roll.”

ARC will perform Led Zeppelin IV in its entirety, bringing every note and nuance of the album to life. The concert will start with the full album played from start to finish, capturing the essence of the original recording. Following this, ARC will dive into a second set filled with fan favorites and classics from Led Zeppelin’s extensive catalogue, promising an unforgettable night of rock.

ARC’s Legacy of Tributes

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Presented by Live Nation and ARC, this tour marks the band’s fifth national tribute. Their previous tours have been met with unanimous praise and sold-out venues, honoring albums such as Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon (2023), Neil Young’s Harvest (2022), The Beatles’ Let It Be (2021), and the extended dates of their debut tour celebrating The Beatles’ Abbey Road (2019-2020). 

Each performance has showcased their ability to not only play these classic albums but to breathe new life into them, offering audiences a fresh yet faithful experience.

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Led Zeppelin IV is more than just an album; it’s a cornerstone of rock music history. Hailed as one of the most innovative and influential bands, Led Zeppelin’s legacy is cemented in tracks that have stood the test of time. This ARC performance promises to honour that legacy whilst allowing fans to relive the magic of a seminal moment in music history.

Published 12-June-2024