Retina Visions Elevates Rubbish Trucks with AI Road Surveillance

Rubbish truck

Retina Visions, based in Brisbane CBD, is leading a tech revolution in Fortitude Valley and other suburbs. They’ve upgraded local rubbish trucks, turning them into smarter waste management units—a first for South East Queensland.

Using AI, their data collection system identifies road flaws like cracks, potholes, graffiti, signs, and other anomalies along the route. When these trucks do their regular runs to pick up trash, they have cameras on the front that carefully scan the roads in the area. 

The information received is quickly sent to asset managers, who are usually infrastructure companies, councils, or state governments. This starts the process of making repairs and maintenance that are needed.

One thing that makes Retina Visions stand out is how well it works with TechnologyOne’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option. This means that anyone can access it from any browser or device. This all-in-one system makes detailed reports with information about the location, work directions, maps, and photographic proof. After the fixes are done, the crew can quickly finish the job and send pictures of the finished work.

Michael Cybulski, CEO of Retina Visions, talked about how easy and scalable their homegrown technology is while talking about this new project. “Councils should keep looking for ways to save money by using technology and working with small tech companies like ours,” Cybulski said, pointing out that asset management could get a lot better.

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Last year, Retina Visions rolled out a similar project across Shoalhaven City Council’s garbage fleet, assisting Council with the technology to automate their road defect assessments in order to help keep the roads safe for the public.

Michael Cybulski with Dane Hamilton and the team. 
Photo Credit: LinkedIn/Michael Cybulski

Cybulski founded Retina Visions in 2018, and it has quickly expanded from a small partnership to a team of twelve people with clients all along the eastern coast and even in New Zealand.

He is still optimistic about Queensland’s tech sector, especially since the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming to Brisbane. He sees more chances for technology-driven services like data-connected traffic control and analytics.

The creative steps taken by Retina Visions highlight Queensland’s overall technological job surge. According to the Tech Council of Australia, the expansion of both established businesses and startups, along with the introduction of new technology into previously untapped markets, could result in a startling five-fold increase in tech-related jobs by 2030.

Businesses like Retina Visions are at the vanguard of Queensland’s continued rise to prominence as a global centre of technology, developing game-changing solutions that change daily operations and usher in a profitable digital future for the state.

Published Date 08-April-2024