Seaforth Island from Lindeman Island, Whitsunday Passage, c 1931

Queensland State Archives posted a photo:

Taken from the Daily Mercury, Saturday 26 October 1935:


What’s in a name? Yet one must wonder why Seafoth was so called. Was it that we Australians, afraid of being thought sentimentalists, just tack on the first mundane name that comes to our minds; or was there hidden behind it the thought of future generations going forth to find the sea – in search of that perfect tonic which only the sea can give? Be that as it may, to the uninitiated the name means nothing; to the initiated, it matters not at all.

We residents of Mackay, so well served with beautiful beaches, so satiated with the beauty of our own immediate surroundings, seem to give but little thought to the glorious vista which lies just a little further along the road. Not the little extra petrol, nor the little extra time spent in getting there,

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