Shortgrain Thai Store and Eatery Opening Soon in Fortitude Valley

Artist’s impression of Chef Martin Boetz’s upcoming Thai store and eatery in Fortitude Valley (Photo Credit: shortgrainbymb/Instagram)

Do you love Thai food? Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure as Shortgrain, a new Thai store and eatery, is set to open its doors at the Stewart and Hemmant building in Fortitude Valley in August 2023. 

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Imagine the incredible taste of steamed duck and winter melon soup, or the pure delight of a perfectly fried whole fish with spicy green chilli nam jim. 

At Shortgrain, you will feel like you have been transported straight to the vibrant streets of Thailand, where the flavours are bold and the aromas are irresistible.

Photo credit: shortgrainbymb/Instagram

But Shortgrain is not just going to be a place for amazing food. It’s a culinary treasure trove waiting to be discovered. They will also stock the shelves with homemade curry pastes, imported products, and the freshest ingredients you can imagine. 

From crunchy snake beans to fragrant Thai basil, each item is carefully chosen to create an authentic experience that will leave you wanting more.

The mastermind behind this culinary haven is none other than the award-winning Sydney chef, Martin Boetz. After leaving a mark on Sydney’s food scene with his extraordinary talent, Chef Boetz has now brought his expertise to his hometown of Brisbane. 

Photo credit: Martin Boetz/Instagram

When Chef Boetz stumbled upon the tenancy inside the historic Stewart and Hemmant building in Fortitude Valley, it was love at first sight. Boasting a spacious 225 sqm area adorned with high ceilings and large windows, this location provides the perfect canvas for Shortgrain to come to life.

Stewart and Hemmant building (Photo credit: Google Street View)

With Shortgrain, his vision is to create simple yet unforgettable dishes that are perfect for sharing or savouring on your own.

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Chef Boetz is looking forward to opening his new venture by late August 2023, at the Stewart and Hemmant building, located at 2 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley. Follow @shortgrainbymb on Instagram to stay updated about the store’s opening.

Published 17-June-2023