Supernova: A New Star in Japanese-Inspired Cuisine in Fortitude Valley


Fortitude Valley has welcomed a culinary newcomer, Supernova, a Japanese-inspired cafe brought to life by the team behind the celebrated James & Antler.

Located on McLachlan Street, Supernova provides a serene setting where patrons can savour sandos, soba, and innovative breakfast dishes.

Brothers Tze-Huei ‘TH’ Choo and Chewie Choo, the owners of Supernova, seized the opportunity to share their love for Japanese cuisine when a venue became available at The Eminence. 

Photo Credit: Supernova
Photo Credit: Supernova

Their “less is more” approach shines through in the simple yet exquisite lunchtime staples: sandos and soba noodle salads. Supernova’s sandos feature Japanese milk bread, house-made sweet barbecue sauce, and an array of fillings, from classic chicken and pork katsu to more adventurous options like black Angus katsu and spicy tuna. 

Soba enthusiasts can delight in dishes topped with wagyu tataki and oyster mushroom, tuna sashimi, crispy skin barramundi, or tempura vegetables.

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Photo Credit: Supernova

The breakfast menu caters to both sweet and savoury cravings, offering delights like honey toast adorned with whipped mascarpone and fruit, pan-fried potato mochi with aged cheddar sauce and hot honey soy boiled eggs, and tamagoyaki-style egg with milk bread. Notably, all breakfast items are priced under $16, a welcome surprise in today’s dining scene.

Lunchtime decisions may prove challenging, given the enticing selection of sandos and sobas. For those seeking an extravagant experience, the $75 gold leaf-topped wagyu striploin sando is rumoured to be worth every penny. 

Photo Credit: Supernova
Photo Credit: Supernova
Photo Credit: Supernova

More budget-friendly options include chicken, pork, and black angus katsus, accompanied by shoyu BBQ dipping sauce and furikake fries. Soba choices include toppings like crispy skinned barramundi, tempura vegetables, or wagyu sirloin tataki, ensuring a difficult but delicious decision.

Supernova’s beverage offerings are equally impressive. Matcha-Misus, hojicha lattes, and their unique take on strawberry matcha, all available with a side of matcha soft-serve, promise to delight.

Coffee aficionados can enjoy Kasa Coffee’s award-winning Illusion blend, while those who prefer alternatives will find solace in matcha- and hojicha-based drinks.

Supernova’s dedication to quality ingredients and innovative flavours make it a promising addition to Fortitude Valley’s culinary scene. With its tranquil ambience and diverse menu, it’s poised to become a favourite destination for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between.

Published Date 18-June-2024