Proposed Co-Living Tower Set to Elevate Urban Living in Fortitude Valley

A groundbreaking development proposal is set to reshape the landscape of Fortitude Valley as the Willemsen Group plans a transformative addition to the city’s residential offerings. 

Acquiring the corner site at 458 Wickham Street from Silverstone Developments in 2020 for $11.5 million, Willemsen Group now seeks to elevate the urban living experience with a visionary 22-storey co-living tower. 

This site, nestled amidst Brisbane’s vibrant lifestyle precinct, is primed to become the standard of modern communal living, catering to both returning residents and visitors alike.

Photo Credit: Williamsen Group

Elevating Urban Living

The proposed co-living tower at Fortitude Valley (DA A00642449)  aims to address an unmet need in Brisbane’s residential market, as highlighted in the development application documents. 

With 381 fully furnished one-bedroom co-living units, the tower promises to redefine the concept of contemporary living.

458 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: DA A0064244

Notably, the development includes three levels of podium parking, a residents’ terrace on level 4, communal dining and gathering spaces on all levels, and a communal rooftop terrace. 

458 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: DA A0064244

Architect Bayley Ward’s innovative design ensures that the increased number of storeys does not compromise the integrity of the previously approved building height, maintaining harmony within the skyline.

Fulfilling a Market Gap

Emphasising flexibility and community engagement, the development offers a mix of short-term accommodation units and rooming accommodation units, coupled with ample communal spaces.

Drawing inspiration from hotel-like amenities, the co-living tower blends private residential spaces with extensive shared areas, catering to diverse demographics and age groups. 

With an asset-sponsored community programming emphasis, shared living spaces, and all-inclusive central billing, the development aims to redefine the standards of urban accommodation.

458 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley
Photo Credit: DA A0064244

A Vision for the Future

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the co-living tower not only reimagines residential living but also integrates seamlessly with the surrounding urban fabric. The proposal envisions a harmonious blend of convenience and well-being, positioning Fortitude Valley as a premier destination for modern urban dwellers. 

The project is set to unfold in two stages, including the construction of a new PCYC development. 

Published 15-Feb-2024