Prestigious Inner-City Brisbane School All Hallows’ Locked Down Following Disturbance

The usually tranquil atmosphere at All Hallows’ School in Brisbane City was shattered when an agitated man, reportedly under the influence of some substance, unleashed a bout of destructive behaviour by kicking and punching doors within the school precinct, leading to a lockdown at the school.

Police received a flurry of alarmed reports concerning the man’s erratic actions, which included assaulting doors in Dodge Lane, an area adjacent to the school grounds.

A police spokesperson stated that the man, believed to be 19 years old, exhibited signs of intoxication and heightened agitation. After a thorough assessment and engagement with law enforcement personnel, he was taken into custody. 

Additionally, he was issued a public nuisance infringement notice, indicating the legal consequences of his actions. 

The incident, which unfolded around 11:50 a.m. on Thursday, 17 Aug 2023, prompted a swift response from local law enforcement authorities. 

Authorities were on the scene in a matter of minutes, securing the area and swiftly instating a lockdown protocol to ensure the safety of the school’s staff, students, and personnel. During the lockdown, all movement within the premises was restricted, and communication with the outside world was limited.

In a bid to prevent any further disturbances or potential threats, the individual was also subjected to a banning order, effectively prohibiting him from entering Fortitude Valley. This measure was enacted with the intention of maintaining the safety and security of both All Hallows’ School and the broader community.

Published 21-Aug-2023