Discover Antico: Burnett Lane’s Newest Bar Venture

Antico, a brand-new bar with an intimate Italian vibe, will soon open its doors on Burnett Lane.

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Set to open in mid-July, Antico is the brainchild of the Cuatro Group, known for their impeccable transformation of heritage sites into thriving cocktail bars such as Death & Taxes, also along Burnett Lane and Dr Gimlette on Edward St.

Inside Death and Taxes Brisbane (Photo credit: Chris Buchanan/Google Maps)

The group’s vision has always revolved around creating an intimate space, manned by a team of two to three skilled bartenders. With this latest endeavour, they will finally see their dream come to fruition.

Photo credit: Death & Taxes Brisbane/Facebook

Drawing inspiration from its Italian roots, Antico will seamlessly blend the familiar elements of leather chairs, intricate tiling work, and a captivating black marble bar, all reminiscent of the group’s other two esteemed establishments in Brisbane.

Guests will be able to savour the flavours of Italy through a selection of delectable bar snacks, including bruschetta, cheese, and cold-cut meats. These tantalising offerings are set to complement the bar’s classic cocktail-oriented concept.

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The team plans to present a house Negroni featuring their distinctive vermouth blend, Campari, and a joint gin creation with Nosferatu, a distillery based in Bowen Hills.

In preparation for its July opening, Antico has transformed the space formerly occupied by Super Whatnot, giving it a whole new look and feel. The industrial vibe of Super Whatnot is gone, replaced with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s designed to make people feel comfortable and eager to be back.

Published 15-June-2023