Primaveral: Buy Now Pay Later Art Exhibition Launches In Brisbane CBD

It’s always nice to have a creative and decorative masterpiece amongst all the gadgets and machines in your home. If you’re looking for new exciting pieces for your collection, an eclectic exhibition titled Primaveral, will be on display in Fortitude Valley, and you can have the artwork of your choice in a Buy Now, Pay Later scheme. 

The group exhibit feels fitting amidst the uncertainty today. Primaveral means “of or taking place in early spring.” In the changing of the season, these artists continue to create, discover, evolve and find new meaning in what they do despite the setbacks and challenges. 

Happening at Mitchell Fine Art, Primaveral features the following artists: Ann Thomson, Bernard Ollis, Carlos Barrios, David Hayes, Deirdre Bean, Franck Gohier, George Gittoes, Jeff Makin, Margaret Loy Pula, Matthew Cheyne, Min-Woo Bang, Mirra Whale, Peter Hudson, Steve Lopes, Stewart MacFarlane, Adrian Jangala Robertson, Annalisa Ferraris, Idris Murphy, Kenny Pittock, Kim Wilson, and Maximilian Daniels.

Their creations, showcasing a range of genres, times, themes and forms, will be exhibited from 2 Sept to 3 Oct 2020 with a special program on Saturday, 12 Sept 2020, at 2:00 p.m. The event is free but registration is necessary per COVID-19 precautions.

Photo Credit: Supplied

Touring the exhibit is also possible virtually through Facetime or Zoom. Photos of the masterpieces are shared in smaller screen resolution at the online gallery.

Easy Payment Scheme

Mitchell Fine Art supports Art Money, a fantastic scheme for interest-free loans to buy art.

Launched in 2015, Art Money enables every art lover to start or build their collection by paying the initial 10 percent of the artwork’s value with the rest paid up in a staggered arrangement over nine months, at no interest.  

For the RSVP, the virtual tour, or to inquire about the artworks and Art Money scheme, phone 07 3254 2297 or email