Proposed Redevelopment of BMW Fortitude Valley to Feature Innovative Business Bar

Imagine unwinding in a luxurious business bar whilst your vehicle is being serviced. This extraordinary concept is one of the exciting plans being introduced at BMW Fortitude Valley.

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Located at 800 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, the BMW showroom could undergo a transformative refurbishment and minor extension, if its development application gets approved.

Designed by ERA Architects, the application aims to revitalise and upgrade the existing dealership and service centre, which will require minor internal and external demolitions.

Artist’s impression of the seating areas (Photo credit: ERA Architects)

In addition to the business bar and customer lounges, the ground floor of the establishment will showcase an array of impressive features.

Among the highlights of the ground level will be an elegant arrival area with a dedicated concierge service solely focused on vehicle servicing. The space will also accommodate ample service and customer car parking spaces, ensuring convenience for patrons. 

Photo credit: ERA Architects

Furthermore, there will be designated areas for staff bicycle storage and parking, a vehicle display section to showcase BMW’s finest models, as well as office rooms for administrative tasks and customer meetings. 

To enhance versatility, multi-function bays will be available for both vehicle displays and meetings. Additionally, the establishment will house a well-equipped workshop, detailing area, and programming space.

Site plan ( Photo credit: ERA Architects)

Level 1 will offer a dedicated recreation area for employees, whilst Level 2 will feature a lunchroom, training facilities, and a comprehensive technical library.

The proposed refurbishment and redevelopment plan also seeks to address crucial aspects of the facility. One notable improvement is the increase in on-site car parking spaces from 164 to 203, representing a significant boost of 39 spaces compared to the current capacity. 

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The proposal also aims to consolidate vehicular access to the service centre from Bridge Street, streamlining the customer experience.

Published 23-May-2023