What to Do This Weekend at Fortitude Valley

Bored with your usual weekend routine? Find yourself flying solo this weekend and unsure of what to do, or where to go? Done with chores and have too much energy left to just stay home? Need cheering up? Or simply looking for something (anything!) new and exciting to do?

Here are four ways to have an unforgettable weekend at Fortitude Valley that is guaranteed to get you out. Out of your usual humdrum weekend routine, out of the doldrums, or just plain out and about.



Spend Friday night at Barbara and enjoy a nostalgia-filled Prom Night. SWOP Clothing Exchange, in its first-ever team-up with the popular Fortitude Valley bar, is inviting everyone to come in their best prom outfit. This is the perfect time for slow dancing with your date, or getting your groove on to the beat of your favorite dance hits.  If you miss your prom days, or if you’ve missed going to the prom at all, this is your chance to try for that Prom King or Queen crown. SWOP, a West End store that specialises in recycled clothing, is offering a 15% discount to those who want to check out their merchandise in hopes of finding that perfect prom outfit. Friday-night/date-night has never looked so “prom”-mising!

Prom Night starts at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, 7th April at Barbara, on Warner St.  Details here.



Spend your day immersed in the Valley’s cultural scene. Have an early breakfast at Harvey’s, widely considered as a breakfast institution along James St.  What better way to get your “art day” started than to go to this place where they have elevated brekky-cooking to a fine art.  Try their ricotta-buttermilk pancakes with honeycomb butter and caramelized banana, for some carbohydrate-fueled energy to jumpstart your day.

Photo from Expedia

Now that you’re suitably fortified, head on out to Fortitude Valley’s gallery trail. Visit the Institute of Modern Art and the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery. Check out Artisan‘s collection of Australian crafts and designs. Go to the Heiser Gallery.

Wait, there’s more! You can also look in on the exhibits at Philip Bacon Galleries, RedSea, Mitchell Fine Art, TW Fine Art, and Jan Murphy Gallery. Too much? Just pick and choose. So much art, so little time.


Photo from Visit Brisbane

To avoid visual overload, head for a quieter spot for a late lunch. Try King Arthur. Tucked away on Arthur St, just off busy James St., this two-level café has fun and edgy dishes that push culinary boundaries. Their “all-day breakfast menu” is really also perfect for a light lunch. Try their slow-cooked lamb salad, their yummy steak sandwich, or their avocado on grain with some of their chai chia pudding.


Street Art in the Valley  (Photo from richardslaughter.com.au)

What if art galleries are not your thing? If your taste in art is notably more pedestrian, book a three-hour street art tour with the Brisbane Greeters. Explore the different colorful murals and street art installations in the Valley, and find out about the stories of the people behind them.



Start your Sunday with an open mind. Join Lululemon’s free yoga class in James St. at 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m., and greet the day with a relaxed body and refreshed spirit.

If the downward facing dog isn’t really your style and you’re just not the type to get up early on a Sunday morning, there’s a different kind of dog (event) in town.

The Brightside is hosting Bark & Brews on Warner St. at 2:00 p.m. for Fortitude Valley’s lucky pooches and their proud “paw-rents”. As the event name implies, this event largely centers around dogs and beer. Bring your furry little partner and take fun photos for free in the doggie photo booth. Wear matching outfits and join the “Pooch and Owner Lookalike Competition”. Prizes await the lucky winners, bragging rights included. Have loads of fun with your pet; ice-cold beer in hand, of course. It is, after all, called “Bark & Brews”.

Doughnut Time’s original window on Alfred St. Photo from Visit Brisbane

End your day with some takeaway from Doughnut Time. Although this donut shop has grown to a veritable chain of stores all over Australia, their iconic, original window on Alfred St. is still open. Have some to bring home, before you call it a day.


Going to the prom, imbibing the local culture, getting some yoga in and some of Fortitude Valley’s famed café cuisine, plus quality time with your pooch. Oh, and let’s not forget the beer. Most definitely a weekend to remember! Mission accomplished.


Photo Credit: Featured photo from Weekend Notes.