How Brooki Bakehouse Fortitude Valley Became an Insta-Sensation and Earned an International Following

In a heritage building tucked away in Fortitude Valley, an unassuming bakery has ignited a craze that defies all expectations. Brooki Bakehouse, helmed by owner Brooke Saward, has captured the hearts and appetites of dessert enthusiasts worldwide with a viral Tiktok presence and over 700,000 followers on Instagram.

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Saward’s baking journey started with travelling the world to find the best bakeries and sweets. 

After improving her skills through cooking classes in Paris and online videos, she opened Charlie’s Dessert House in her hometown of Launceston, Tasmania in 2016, tempting locals with her macarons, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

Photo credit: Brooki/Instagram 

But Saward and her fiancé, Justice Bellamy, had bigger dreams. In late 2021, they moved to Brisbane, drawn by the city’s growth opportunities and a sense of possibility without feeling overwhelmed.

Brooki Bakehouse
Photo credit: Brooki/Instagram 

When her sole employee was out sick with Covid-19 for three weeks, Saward boldly launched a TikTok account and creatively filmed herself hard at work in the bakery. She decided to film a “day in the life” video for TikTok in her chef’s clothes. Her friendly personality and tasty creations struck a chord, and the video quickly went viral, getting millions of views and fans worldwide.

Brooki Bakehouse
Photo credit: Brooki/TikTok

Saward shared people come from all over Australia and literally everywhere to visit the bakery. The bakery now sells a shocking 1,000 cookies daily in-store, plus thousands more online. 

Photo credit: Brooki/TikTok

She said some days before TikTok they made hundreds of dollars, and now every day it’s thousands, so it’s a totally different business from the first six or eight months, and that’s because of using social media.

However, Brooki’s huge success isn’t just about social media skills – it’s also thanks to Saward’s entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and hard work. When TikTok exploded, she did not wait for customers to come; instead, she found a way to send her cookies worldwide. With clever packaging and problem-solving, she developed a system to ship her treats globally.

Photo credit: Brooki/Instagram 

Saward has even bigger goals. She wants Brooki to become a global baking brand, already selling merchandise, teaching online classes, working with major brands, and releasing her first cookbook later this year.

Despite the overwhelming success, Saward remains humble and grateful, valuing every customer and spending hours each week talking to followers on social media. It’s this real connection, along with her delicious baked goods, that keeps people lining up and coming back.

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At a time when social media rules marketing, Brooki Bakehouse shows how smartly using these platforms can make a small business world-famous. But at its core, it’s Saward’s passion, creativity and commitment to baking that have truly made Brooki Bakehouse a sweet global favourite.

Published 18-March-2024 

You Can Get These Brookies From This Marshall St Bakery

Torn between a cookie or a brownie? Get them both! In Fortitude Valley, new bakery Brooki Bake House combines these two classic desserts into one delectable creation, also known as brookies.

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The brookies here use cookie dough base with Oreo layer and rich brownie topped with cookies. It also comes in red velvet flavour, which comes served with a cream cheese swirl. 

Housed in the Stewart & Hemmant building on Marshall St, Fortitude Valley, this recently launched bakery is owned by travel blogger Brooke Saward, who’s also behind Charlie’s Dessert House in Launceston.

Chocolate Brookies (Photo credit: Brooki Bake House/Instagram)

Aside from their brookies, they have an array of sweets to choose from, starting from cakes and cupcakes down to macarons and cheesecakes. 

Some of the best sellers on their rotating monthly flavour include Caramilk Cookie, Toblerone cookie, cookie dough cupcake, and the salted caramel macaron. 

They also have some of the most unique flavours you can ever find, like the Nutella Bueno cookies, Coke macarons, and earl grey cupcakes.

(Photo credit: Brooki Bake House/Google Maps)

Coffee on pour comes courtesy of Archer beans coffee, though there’s also the traditional Belgian hot chocolate or match latte to choose from.

As for cakes, you can have them customised and choose from a variety of flavours, such as Red Velvet, Brooklyn Blackout, Vanilla Matcha, Biscoff, and Cotton Candy.

Photo credit: Brooki Bake House/Instagram

Just recently, Brooki Bake House launched their ‘After dark’ offering, exclusively on offer via UberEats. Those who crave their favourite cookies, cupcakes, brownies, macarons can have them delivered at home from 6:00 pm. to 10:00 p.m. It also includes made to order waffles, warm cookie sundaes, and Belgian hot chocolate.

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For more information, visit Brooki Bakehouse’s website or follow them on Instagram @brookibakehouse.