E-Scooter Safety Heightens Concerns Following Fortitude Valley Collision

A woman in her 40s sustained serious injuries after a collision involving her e-scooter and a cement truck at the intersection of Wickham St and Brunswick St in Fortitude Valley. From 38 cases in 2018 to over a thousand cases in 2022 and even more this year based on partial figures for 2023, the rising number of injuries related to e-scooter use have made public safety a critical discussion point.

Emergency services responded to the Fortitude Valley incident swiftly, offering immediate medical attention before transferring the injured woman to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Thankfully, while serious, her injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

This November 22 incident is part of a troubling rise in e-scooter accidents, sparking a deeper examination of their usage and the pressing need for improved safety measures.

Statistics from the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit paint a concerning picture of the increasing trend in e-scooter-related injuries across Queensland in recent years:

  • 2018 (November to December): 38 cases
  • 2019: 288 cases
  • 2020: 386 cases
  • 2021: 706 cases
  • 2022: 1033 cases
  • 2023 (January to July): 716 cases
E-scooter injury types in a study conducted by Dr Cassandra Peace, Dr Dexter Rubio, and Dr Gary Mitchell
Photo Credit: Herston Health Precinct Symposium 2021 / CLIN-0039

This steady surge has alarmed safety experts and organisations, triggering discussions on crucial measures to enhance e-scooter safety across the region.

One major discussion point concerns the necessity for distinct operating environments that offer separation from faster motor vehicles while ensuring safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Achieving this hinges on determining permissible e-scooter speeds and regulating the speed of motorised vehicles and bicycles in these areas.

In response to mounting concerns, recent discussions on e-scooter scheme regulations consider implementing electronic speed control mechanisms. These mechanisms could enforce lower speeds or lockouts in high-risk zones, especially those with heavy pedestrian activity. 

However, challenges persist concerning privately owned e-scooters, potentially limiting the influence on their usage.

Proposals in the ongoing review by the National Transport Commission advocate for mandatory comprehensive insurance for e-scooters. Additionally, there are calls for installing speedometers on e-scooters, enabling users to adhere to designated speed restrictions.

Efforts are also underway to tackle e-scooter parking issues. Suggestions include technological constraints on parking locations as part of e-scooter scheme permits.

Furthermore, discussions involve penalties, such as confiscating privately owned e-mobility devices, to regulate proper parking practices and reduce obstructions in public spaces.

The focus remains on developing a comprehensive approach encompassing regulatory measures, infrastructure enhancements, and increased user awareness. This incident emphasises the urgent need to address these concerns and implement effective strategies to enhance e-scooter safety across Brisbane and beyond.

Residents of Fortitude Valley are urged to stay informed and engaged in these crucial discussions for a safer environment for all road users.

Published 4-December-2023

The Candlelight Club Brings an Exclusive Speakeasy Dining Experience to the Valley

A clandestine 1920s dining experience awaits you at the Valley this February 2023. Travel back in time as 209 Brunswick Street gets transformed into an exclusive speakeasy with soft jazz and flickering candlelight filling the room along with lavish cocktails and amazing burlesque and cabaret performances.

The Candlelight Club Bring and Exclusive 1920S Speakeasy Dining Experience to the Valley
Photo credit: supplied  

Presented by the Candlelight Club, the best and most exclusive 1920s Speakeasy Dining Experience is coming to Fortitude Valley on the 11th of February 2023 as Brunswick Street transforms into a dimly lit speakeasy, shrouded with secrecy.

The Candlelight Club Bring and Exclusive 1920S Speakeasy Dining Experience to the Valley
Photo credit: supplied  

Feel like a VIP in an old gangster movie, as you get serenaded by soft jazz music amidst flickering candlelight and a lavish cocktail menu in this 90-minute stylish dining experience. See cabaret and burlesque performers dressed in elegant feathers and sparkles as they fill the room with an exciting, yet intimate atmosphere as you enjoy your two-course meal with a drink.

The Candlelight Club Bring and Exclusive 1920S Speakeasy Dining Experience to the Valley
Photo credit: supplied  
The Candlelight Club Bring and Exclusive 1920S Speakeasy Dining Experience to the Valley
Photo credit: supplied  

How’s that for an authentic jazz-era experience?

So, book your seats now and be sure to come in your best attire because they won’t stay for long and you’ll never know when they will be back.

The Candlelight Club will run on select dates only and pre-booking is essential.

MENU: TBC (there will be an option of meat/ fish/ veggie)

The Candlelight Club Bring and Exclusive 1920S-themed Dining Experience to the Valley
Photo credit: supplied

What: Fueled By Candlelight, Soft Jazz And Lavish Cocktails
When: 11 February 2023, 6 PM – 7.30 PM
Where: 209 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
Price: A$99.00, Includes a two-course meal and a drink on arrival!

Published 6-February-2023

BrewDog Fortitude Valley Opens: Craft Beer, Farm To Table Food, And More!

BrewDog Fortitude Valley has just opened at the Tranberg House, a beautiful heritage listed building along Brunswick Street.

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The venue is the second location in Brisbane for the Scottish-born brand, which first opened in Murarrie in 2019. Brewdog Fortitude Valley currently offers 20 taps across three levels of craft beer heaven, shuffleboards, pinball and farm-to-table food.

Photo credit: DogTap Brisbane/Facebook

Around 50 percent of their menu covers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, so guests can choose from their selection of burgers, wings, pizzas, and big bowl salads minus the guilt. 

As for the drinks, guests can guarantee that all the beers they offer are 100 percent carbon negative, which means it’s good for the planet. Aside from craft beer they are best known for, they also have a range of spirits and non-alcoholic options. 

Photo credit: DogTap Brisbane/Facebook

The ground level bar can have around 130 people and includes a dedicated patio area outside. On the top level, there’s access to the small outdoor balcony, which is a mix of seating, high tables, and booths plus their epic shuffleboards.

One of the highlights of this place is the beer hall, an events place that can accommodate around 130 people seated. It features exposed ceilings, feature walls, comfy lounges, and a huge yellow bar.

Photo credit: BrewDog Fortitude Valley/Google Maps

BrewDog Fortitude Valley will employ around 35 new staff. The brand aims to set the bar higher for hospitality workers everywhere and their team will benefit from this initiative, which involves sharing half of their profits with their crew.

“By sharing 50% of profits with our crew, we’re setting the bar higher for hospitality workers everywhere, and democratising the benefits of working here. When BrewDog succeeds, all of our people succeed with it,” the brand stated in its website.

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The newly opened venue in Brisbane is part of the brand’s expansion in Australia, with plans to open two more locations –one in Melbourne and another one in Sydney.

Iconic T.C. Beirne Co. in Fortitude Valley Reopens

Following its remarkable restoration, T.C. Beirne & Co. in Fortitude Valley will open its doors once again on October 2018.

The revitalisation of the heritage-listed building on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley includes the return of the famous T.C. Beirne signage on one of Brisbane’s most historic buildings.

Joint venture partner David Mann said the T.C. Beirne department store, built in 1902, underwent several expansions over the years and still remains a household name in Brisbane.

David Mann Photo Credit : Supplied

“For decades people knew T.C. Beirne & Co. as the place to shop for fashion,”  Mr Mann said.

“Now returned to its former glory, the heritage listed T.C. Beirne & Co. is bringing premium dining and retail back to the heart of The Valley,” he added.

History of T.C. Beirne & Co.

Photo Credit : Supplied

Irish retailer, Thomas Charles Beirne was the founder and director of the T.C. Beirne department stores. He became one of Queensland’s wealthiest businessmen and remained active in the business right up until his death in 1949.

In 1956, T.C. Beirne & Co. in Fortitude Valley was sold to David Jones who continued to trade before closing in 1973.

The iconic building located at the heart of Fortitude Valley was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 29 April 2003.

T.C. Beirne & Co. Restoration

The building’s historic features such as the Brunswick and Duncan Street façades and exposed original columns as well as the striking glass atrium have been magnificently showcased by award-winning design studio Hassell.

Photo Credit : Supplied

The contemporary ground floor, designed by Buchan Group architects, creates inviting linkages between the Brunswick and Duncan Street Malls.

Photo Credit : Supplied

Set to open in October 2018, this much-anticipated retail space has already attracted major dining and leisure tenants including the Beirne Lane bar and restaurant and Brisbane’s first B. Lucky & Sons delivering a complete entertainment experience.

Photo Credit : Supplied

Furthermore, 11,000 sqm of the upper-level commercial space is already open for business and is now home to a number of leading tech and innovation tenants including Croomo, Clui, Genie Solutions along with the State Government’s The Precinct innovation hub.