Unusual Entry Protocol: Caps Should Be Worn Backwards At Fortitude Valley Hotel, Other Establishments

Customers wearing caps are asked to wear them backwards before entering the Osbourne Hotel in Fortitude Valley; at other establishments, customers are even asked to take them off completely before entering. Find out why.

Visitors to the city’s pubs typically adhere to a simple dress code of shirts and shoes, but recently, the Osbourne Hotel surprised a patron with an unexpected rule.

Whilst trying to enter the Osbourne Hotel in Brisbane, a man encountered a surprising request from a security guard: he was asked to wear his cap backwards to gain entry. Despite his confusion, the man complied, wondering at the reason for the rule enforced at the establishment.

@swagmeisters69 This was an actual rule at the Osbourne Hotel last night #brisbane ♬ End of Beginning – Djo

Actually, other establishments enforce strict policies such as ‘backwards cap only’ or require guests to take off their hats completely before entering. The Osbourne Hotel in Fortitude Valley is not an exception.

Photo Credit: Pexels/Rachel Claire

Although aking off one’s hat has significant cultural meaning and is a mark of respect in many places, this regulation has a more useful purpose than just tradition in the context of bars and comparable venues in the city.

Enforcing such regulations makes it easier to identify people, especially with CCTV footage, and helps venues have security measures in place. In case of any untoward occurences, authorities and the management of the establishment will find it easier to trace and identify patrons and customers without their faces being obscured by caps and the like.

Remember this next time you bring a cap when going out for a night around town. When entering a pub or bar, wear it backwards or not at all.

Published Date 01-April-2024