Meet Fortitude Valley Chef Andrew McCrea: Legally Blind But No Less Extraordinary

Andrew McCrea is not your average chef. With only 6 percent vision, he expertly navigates the kitchen by relying on his heightened sense of texture and flavour.

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As the former Executive Chef at Queensland Parliament House, the legally blind innovator dished up bold, creative menus for world leaders and dignitaries.

Now with his new venture, the intimate 12-seat Perspective Dining on Brunswick Street, Chef Andrew channels his trademark artistry, sustainably-sourced ingredients and extraordinary sensory prowess into a cutting-edge tasting menu.

Photo credit: Perspective Dining/Instagram 

With menus changing daily based on seasonal ingredients, Chef Andrew promises to take diners’ on a wild and unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Photo credit: Perspective Dining/Instagram 

In addition to featuring ingredients from local producers, Perspective Dining utilises an offsite garden to source unique produce for inventive dishes. Starter plates may consist of components like beetroot paired with its stems, leaves, and Davidson plum, or mushrooms accompanied by sheep’s milk, soil, fungi ferment, and goats’ curd. 

Photo credit: Perspective Dining/Instagram

For the main course, the coral trout ia a must-try, a dish complemented by fingerroot, membrane essence, pickles, and effervescence, or Wagyu beef enhanced with ham fat, asparagus stem, saltbush wood, and kumara leaves. Meals culminate in decadent desserts like hokey pokey ice cream with buttermilk, malt, and honeycomb.

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Sustainability also drives Chef Andrew’s approach. Ingredients are meticulously sourced and special finishing touches – from proteins to tableware – aim to provide guests a multidimensional experience engaging all senses.

Perspective Dining offers an intimate and truly unique gastronomic event, with the talented Chef Andrew McCrea challenging dining norms to bring his creative fantasies to life. Visit them at TC Beirne & Co Shop 6/ 315 Brunswick Street. You may also follow them on Instagram @perspective_dining for updates.

Published 14-February-2024