The Mason Baker Brings Australia’s First Cupcake ATM to Fortitude Valley

Ever heard of an ATM dispensing cupcakes instead of cash? See Australia’s very first Cupcake ATM in action as it launches in Fortitude Valley courtesy of The Mason Baker.

In 2012, Sprinkles, an innovative foodie company from Beverly Hills changed how sweet-tooth and dessert lovers got an instant and sweet gratification with the Cupcake ATM. Now with an annual revenue of US$16 million, the idea has exploded around the world and it is finally coming to Brisbane on Friday, 5 Feb 2021. 

The Mason Baker, a Tennyson-based company best known for its decadent jar cakes, will be setting up its very own Cupcake ATM at 6 Warner Street, right outside the new Kickons bar, for every weekend of February (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). 

It will be easy to spot the vending machine. Just keep your eyes peeled for a bright pink coloured ATM, which will likely have a long line of cupcake lovers by 5:00 p.m. — cos that’s when the vending machine has a fresh batch of spongy delights. 

Owner James Willis said that they have been working with Worldwide Vending to bring this innovative idea amidst the surge of a new contactless economy in the food industry. 

The Cupcake ATM will have heaps of choices, including classic favourites like Strawberries and Cream, Chocolate Ganache and Salted Caramel. Each order will be packed in The Mason Baker’s familiar container.

Essentially, if the Cupcake ATM becomes a hit, The Mason Baker plans to put more machines across Brisbane for the rest of 2021.