Proposed Development to Reactivate Fortitude Valley’s Iconic Jubilee Hotel Precinct

A new development application has been lodged in a bid to rejuvenate the iconic Jubilee Hotel precinct in Fortitude Valley.

The proposal submitted by Jubilee Project (Qld) Pty Ltd involves construction of a 14-storey retail building and a 250-square-metre plaza accessible from St Pauls Terrace. The public plaza would unite the different spaces and distinctive buildings at the corner of St Pauls Terrace and Constance Street.

Central to the design is the heritage icon Jubilee Hotel, which will be retained and rejuvenated.

Ground floor plan of the proposed Jubilee Precinct (Photo credit:

Public Plaza

The plan for the public plaza includes a laneway connection to the Jubilee Hotel and the famous hotel beer garden. The plaza will be designed with an engaging landscaped space linking restaurants and other commercial spaces. The hotel beer garden will also be redeveloped as part of the proposed plan.

Proposed public plaza (Photo credit:

Approximately 18,166 square metres of commercial floor space, 91 carparks and club facilities will be included in the plan. Designers are using a distinctive cantilevered structure to remain respectful and sensitive to the heritage building on site. Since the precinct will be built above the M7 Clem Jones Tunnel, the plan is to use lightweight steel diagrid to address the weight limits.

The Jubilee Precinct proposal is built around the idea of commercial land use diversification and innovation and will include a start-up hub in the lower levels.

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Designers are also taking advantage of the location advantage of the Jubilee precinct. The site is easily accessible from the Fortitude Valley rail station and the future refurbished Exhibition Station, which will be part of the Cross River Rail line.

Learn more about the Development Application.