‘A Midnight Visit’ At Fortitude Valley Promises Thrilling Twists And Turns

Fans of all things spooky and thrilling are sure to love A Midnight Visit, a new immersive theatre coming to Fortitude Valley this month.

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Tucked inside an abandoned warehouse called The House of Usher at Robertson Street, this 36-room theatrical playground will tantalise all your senses including the sixth sense as you explore the rooms where the actors play different scenes. 

Doors will lead you to surreal environments, including a bloody playground, a sound world, a film set, or a room with a pink ball pit where you can dive in. For the more adventurous, there’s also a creepy hotel in one of the rooms. 

Photo credit: A Midnight Visit/Facebook

The concept is new to Brisbane, but has taken over Sydney, Melbourne and Perth prior to the pandemic and has received positive reviews from audiences and theatre critics alike. All the scenes are inspired by the work of American writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Photo credit: A Midnight Visit/Facebook

This event will only run for a month starting 27 July 2021. If you don’t want to miss this event, book now at Eventbrite or visit their Facebook page for further updates. Prices of tickets start at $49.

Photo credit: A Midnight Visit/Facebook

Just a reminder, you must be aged 15+ to attend A Midnight Visit. Audiences aged 15-17 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult.