Emme Brings The Art of Wood-Fired Cooking to James Street

It has just opened a few weeks ago but Emme (styled as ēmmē), a wood-fired restaurant at James Street, is quickly becoming a hotspot for food enthusiasts seeking a unique dining experience.

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Formerly the site of Spoon Deli Cafe, this eatery, led by first-time restaurateur Thomas Tze Lian and business partner Sultan Amasheh, has already made its mark since opening earlier this year.

Chef Thomas, renowned for his stint as head chef at Greca, draws on his Greek culinary roots, whilst Mr Amasheh brings influences from his Moroccan and Jordanian heritage. 

Photo credit: Emme/Instagram 

Together, they have curated a menu that seamlessly blends flavours from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa. Emme’s offerings span from breakfast to lunch, with a recently introduced dinner menu that promises to showcase their culinary prowess.

Photo credit: Emme/Instagram 

The restaurant prides itself on its commitment to wood-fired cooking, with 80 percent of their dishes prepared using this traditional method. Already gaining acclaim are their signature dishes such as wood-fired pita bread and oysters, and the hearty combination of potatoes and eggs on sourdough for breakfast. Their lunch menu features delicacies like labneh, a nod to Sultan’s Middle Eastern roots.

Photo credit: Emme James Street/Google Maps 

Looking forward, Emme is set to elevate the evening dining experience with a forthcoming Southeast Asian-inspired menu, a collaboration between Chef Thomas and celebrated chef Louis Tikaram. Expectations are high, especially for seafood enthusiasts, as they prepare to introduce a range of tantalising dishes complemented by a curated selection of wines.

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Emme isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey through diverse cultures, expertly brought together under one roof. Whether you’re seeking a robust breakfast, a flavorful lunch, or an innovative dinner experience, Emme invites you to indulge in their distinctive offerings at 3/22 James St, Fortitude Valley. 

Published 17-June-2024