Improved CBD Transport Part of Brisbane Election Pitches

Operating hours for night buses in the CBD could be expanded, and fares could be waived to guarantee safe and economical transportation home from the City and Fortitude Valley.

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This would happen if one particular party wins the next election in Brisbane. Under the proposal, fareboxes would be turned off between midnight and 5:00 a.m. to ensure people have a safe and affordable way of getting home.

It’s part of Brisbane Labor’s three-tiered approach to transport in Brisbane, which includes cheaper public transport, making buses more accessible and more frequent, and tackling roads and congestion. 

Labor candidate for Lord Mayor Tracey Price stated that rising costs are challenging residents who want to save money and time when travelling. She emphasised the need for safe, affordable transit as the population grows.

The Labor party has also proposed a 50 percent reduction in bus fares for Zone 1 and Zone 2 in Brisbane, which they believe would save commuters around $1,000 a year in fares. 

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Meanwhile, LNP councillor Ryan Murphy critiqued Labor’s pledge to subsidise bus fares, which he argues would unfairly burden Brisbane ratepayers to benefit the whole South East Queensland region. Murphy also suggested Labor’s plans allow no room to expand the Brisbane Metro beyond 2024.

Brisbane Metro is an all-electric, high-capacity turn-up-and-go public transport system, which is designed to link the city to the suburbs. It will deliver major infrastructure throughout the city, including a new tunnel beneath Adelaide Street and revitalised streetscape from North Quay to Edward Street.

Greens’ Proposal

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The Greens outlined their own vision for the CBD, pushing to create a “green spine” along Albert Street closed to cars. Lord mayoral hopeful Jonathan Sriranganathan also called for lowering speed limits from 40 to 30kph to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. He believes most drivers already struggle to reach 40kph in congested peak times.

“Our plan would turn Albert St into a relaxed and lively ‘Green Spine’ linking together the whole CBD. It would run from the entrance to Roma St Parklands at Turbot St, through King George Square, the Queen Street Mall, past the new Albert St train station all the way to the Botanic Gardens,” said Sriranganathan.

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The election promises showcase each party’s approach to upgrading transit infrastructure and improving affordability and accessibility for Brisbane residents. With the election nearing, the campaigns are ramping up efforts to showcase their transportation solutions.

Published 30-January-2024