Snack Man to Expand in 2019 with Famous Chinese Bite-Sized Dishes

Snack Man, Fortitude Valley’s bespoke wine bar, will expand to include larger and more hearty dishes, with the same flavoursome, on-style Chinese eats as their sister venue Happy Boy.

The wine bar, which opened next to Happy Boy in November 2018, only had five bite-sized dishes when it was launched. There were barbecue chicken cha siu bao, pork and prawn dumplings, crispy chicken ribs, seasonal mushroom, and the crowd favourite salt and pepper prawn.

Snack Man finally unveiled its full menu in January 2019. Cameron Votan, co-owner of the wine bar, said the menu comprises all small plates representing food that China is famous for and it will be the Votans’ “favorites from across all Chinese regions.”

Guests could choose from 20-food item menu that complements Happy Boy’s more work-focused menu. Guests could expect Taiwanese Fried Chicken on Milk Bun and Prawn and Pork Wontons in Chilli Broth.

Votan said guests could come in and do dinner. Aside from picking the menu for the wine bar, she is also in charge of sourcing bottles that cannot be easily found anywhere else. Unlike the Happy Boy that only serves Australian wines, they import wines from other countries.

For updates on Snack Man, check out their Instagram account or visit Happy Boy’s website.