Felons Barrel Hall Moves Into Howards Hall at Howard Smith Wharves

Felons Brewing Co at Howard Smith Wharves recently expanded and opened a new Felons Barrel Hall by taking over Howards Hall, the massive space for functions and events next door.

Since the pandemic struck, Howards Hall has been an idle space, unused and in need of a bailout. The transformation to Felons Barrel Hall has been a step in the right direction to revitalise this restaurant and bar precinct. 

Howards Hall, before the pandemic crisis
Photo Credit: Howard Smith Wharves/Facebook

Pre-pandemic, Felons Brewing Co was always packed with patrons, especially on weekends. With the new venue, guests have more spaces to drink and dine at guaranteed tables and seats. 

To distinguish the two venues, Felons Barrel Hall plans to take it up a notch and bring a fresh selection of food, crafted drinks and cultural performances.

The new bar and restaurant will take inspiration from popular beer halls in Europe. Inside, barrels of wine are lined behind the bar with four different beer tanks churning 6,000 litres of beers regularly. But since a really good drink needs to age, the newly-crafted flavours at the new site won’t be ready by 2021. 

Photo Credit: Felons Brewing Co/Facebook

However, visitors eager to check out the new drinking spot as soon as possible could still be able to enjoy their fill as Felons’ range of drinks, including the seasonal and limited flavours, are all on the drink list.

Food choices paired with a stein of beer include classic beer hall choices like BBQ chicken and pork chops or lemony buttered prawns, crabs and oysters. The menu consists of modern dishes with an Australian twist. 

Photo Credit: Felons Brewing Co/Facebook

“After 2 years of brewing beer for the good people of Brisbane we’re excited to embark on a new adventure that redefines beer and the brewery experience,” the company announced on Facebook. “Felons Barrel Hall is a modern Australian take on a German beer hall. Come enjoy a space which masterfully blends punchy flavours and bold sounds, all washed down with the refreshing range of Felons beer.”

Felons Barrel Hall will also feature family-friendly live entertainment from local artists, as well as arthouse film viewings. 

For updates on trading hours, deals, events and live performances, follow Felons Brewing Co on Facebook.