Brisbane Girls Grammar Student Honoured with Premier’s Anzac Prize

Year 10 student Jacqueline Loh from Brisbane Girls Grammar School in Spring Hill has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious 2024 Premier’s Anzac Prize. This award, sponsored by RSL Queensland and partnered with the State Library of Queensland, offers a unique opportunity for young Queenslanders to delve into the Anzac legacy.

Alongside Jacqueline, the other recipients also include:

  • Eloise Brown, Mansfield State High School (Brisbane)
  • Elann Malot, Pimlico State High School (Townsville)
  • Bryna van Stom, Pimlico State High School (Townsville)
  • Sophie Robertson, Ayr State High School (Ayr)
  • Bronte Fleming, All Hallows’ School (Brisbane)
  • Katie Somerville, St Monica’s College (Cairns)
  • Grace Roberts, St Joseph’s School (Stanthorpe)

The students, accompanied by teacher chaperones, Michelle Pipe and Courtney Walls, will embark on a 14 to 16-day tour across France, Belgium, and the UK, visiting significant WW1 and WW2 sites and participating in the Anzac Dawn service at the Australian War Memorial in France.

Brisbane Girls Grammar Premier Anzac Prize
Photo Credit: GraceGraceMP/Facebook

The Premier’s Anzac Prize provides an immersive learning experience, allowing students to explore the Anzac spirit through a combination of research, workshops, and tours of key historical sites in Europe. Described as a life-changing opportunity, the program is designed to engage high school students with the Anzac tradition and explore its contemporary relevance. 

Minister for Education Grace Grace praised the strength of the applications, highlighting the deep interest of young Queenslanders in the Anzac legacy​​. The program includes various tasks such as research and commemoration activities, community engagement, and fundraising projects.

“It’s heart-warming to see how the Premier’s Anzac Prize continues to inspire Queensland’s youth,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk remarked.

“The winning students and teachers will soon embark on a poignant journey to visit war memorial sites in Europe where they will have an unparalleled opportunity to deepen their understanding of Australia’s rich Anzac history.

“Experiencing these historical sites firsthand allows the students to immerse themselves in the Anzac tradition, and upon their return they serve as ambassadors for the Anzac legacy within their school communities.”

Since its inception in 2013, the Premier’s Anzac Prize has awarded 136 students this unique opportunity​​. This program stands as an integral part of Queensland’s commitment to educating its youth about the country’s rich history and the sacrifices made by Australians in global conflicts.

Published 10-Dec-2023