Experience a Perfect Blend of Tradition and Excellence at La Cache a Vin

Despite the change in ownership, La Cache a Vin, a popular French restaurant in Spring Hill, continues to impress with its brilliant service and traditional food. Loyal patrons can breathe a sigh of relief as the new owners, Romain Maunier and Dan Arnold, maintain the restaurant’s well-established path.

Formerly owned by Thierry and Carol Galichet, who are well-known in Brisbane’s culinary community, La Cache a Vin was poised for a big change once the restaurant was sold.

Frequent guests, however, will be happy to know that La Cache a Vin remains true to its roots, with Mr Maunier overseeing operations and ensuring attentive service from an experienced team, and Mr Arnold creating his signature dishes.

La Cache A Vin
Photo Credit: LaCacheAVin/Facebook

The menu proudly showcases robust bistro offerings. Starters tantalize with options like roquefort brulee or foie gras. The entrees range from deep-fried lamb’s brains to snails in a delicious puff pastry duvet. Mains include venison, eye fillet with house-made French fries and salad, or roasted lamb. For a satisfying finale, the creme brulee remains an enticing option.

La Cache a Vin
Photo Credit: LaCacheAVin/Facebook

La Cache a Vin’s extensive drinks list is an opus, offering a variety, whilst complimentary still and sparkling water set the tone, followed by a selection of aperitifs and cocktails.

The wine selection, once curated by Galichet, is a treat, spanning from kir, Ricard, and Pastis to a page dedicated to Champagnes.

La Cache A Vine
Photo Credit: LaCacheAVin/Facebook

Whites take centre stage, particularly chardonnay, followed by an extensive exploration of reds, including pinot noir. The selection concludes with an array of sweet wines, such as the legendary Chateau d’Yquem.

Lovers of traditional French fare can rest assured that La Cache a Vin continues to deliver exceptional culinary experiences. The restaurant’s commitment to hospitality is unwavering, even maintaining its phone-only booking system. This French gem in Spring Hill is well worth a visit.

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Published 21-May-2023