Pawn & Co to Redefine Nightlife in Fortitude Valley

Prepare for a revolutionary addition to Brisbane’s nightlife as club promoters Josh Lefers, Stephen Wools, and Steve Thomas launch Pawn & Co in Fortitude Valley, a groundbreaking venture that blends the allure of a pawn shop with the excitement of a bar, entertainment venue, perfumery, nail salon, and corporate event space.

The 450-square-meter venue, spanning two levels, is poised to become a haven for those seeking entertainment beyond the ordinary. 

On the ground floor, a perfumery awaits, allowing visitors to explore and purchase signature scents or indulge in a unique cocktail degustation with perfectly paired perfumes. A mini automated nail salon promises temporary nail art experiences for those seeking extra flair.

The club will also feature vending machines, games, and an outdoor cocktail garden to enhance the immersive experience.

In a cheeky twist, Pawn & Co goes all-in on the pawn theme, offering patrons the chance to buy the club, albeit at a hefty price. 

According to Mr Lefers, the team has scoured the globe for highly unique and in-demand inventory, ranging from the latest gadgets to iconic collectibles such as Elvis Presley’s jumpsuit, the inaugural Rolex, and Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress. Lefers emphasised that every item would be carefully curated, with some expected to fetch prices as high as $1 million.

Lefers expressed their vision of becoming the most exciting club globally, offering a space that sparks curiosity and wonder. Targeting the corporate market, Pawn & Co aims to provide bespoke experiences for businesses looking to create memorable events for their guests or employees, with the club expected to open its doors to the public in December 2024.

Pawn & Co will also feature a mechanical snow globe that moves between levels and a small automated nail salon. Top-notch DJs will propel bodies into motion via a brand-new sound system, whilst the bar will dispense interactive carnival-inspired cocktails.

Stay tuned as Pawn & Co prepares to open its doors to the public, promising to revolutionise Brisbane’s nightlife landscape with its blend of entertainment, uniqueness, and quirkiness.

Published 19-Feb-2024

Laruche Bids Farewell With a 16-Hour Closing Party

The award-winning venue, Laruche, has announced its closure. The iconic Fortitude Valley bar that has for years been the ultimate party destination this side of Brisbane held its epic 16-hour closing party last 26 February 2023.

“LARUCHE CLOSING PARTY 26.02.23! An iconic Brisbane venue that has meant so much to the underground scene is closing its doors,” Laruche announced on its social media.

“Dragonfruit is proudly hosting a 16-hour project between Bakery Lane and Laruche. An event not to be missed.”

Many users expressed disappointment and sadness that their beloved spot will finally close its doors.

“Another one bites the dust 😥,” comments R. Watt.

“Loved it there when I lived in brissy,” D. O’callaghan wrote.

“Awesome little bar! Sad to hear you’re closing,” comments N. Lambert.

“Devastating, so many memories at this fine establishment 😢 best music in Brisbane by a MILE 😎😎 I will be there to pay my respects and go hard one last time 🙏🙏🙏,” said B. Skerrett.

 Laruche Bids Farewell With a 16-Hour Closing Party
Photo credit:  Facebook / LarucheBa

Owner Geoffrey Slater took ownership of the venue back in 2019 but pandemic-induced lockdowns and interest rates hikes have proven to be too much for the business. He said that the venue will undergo some renovations for several months but did disclose the plans of the new owners for the space but said that it will be an entirely new and exciting place.

He also gave reassurance that the new operator has the capacity to refurbish and expand the venue and will see to it that much of what we love about it will stay the same.

Laruche opened its doors in 2009 and is split into two levels. Located downstairs are three spaces with a restaurant area, a private dining room and a small cocktail area. Moving upstairs, one will find a luxurious-looking 100-guest space with high chandeliers plus red and gold couches.

It has since become the go-to party destination with its excellent lineup of DJs, both from the local and international scene. The venue is also a popular spot for hosting formal and social events such as birthday bash, corporate events, and engagement parties.

Published 25-February-2023