Nice Thai by Kid Curry in Fortitude Valley Closes But Owners Tease New French Concept

The owners of the popular dining establishment Nice Thai by Kid Curry in Fortitude Valley have decided to close, leaving loyal customers heartbroken. The closure isn’t the end though, as plans are afoot for a pop-up with a rotating concept to take its place.

The restaurant, which had earned its place among the top 100 restaurants in Queensland, recently underwent renovations. It ranked an impressive No. 45 in a poll recognising the best dining establishments in the state in 2022.

Nice Thai by Kid Curry will officially close in late September but it’s not the end for this culinary hotspot. The Votan brothers plan to introduce a rotating pop-up concept in its place, starting with a French-themed bistro named Mini.

Mini will serve as a sneak peek into the sibling duo’s upcoming fourth restaurant, Petite, a French bistro and wine bar slated to open along the East St thoroughfare in January 2024.

The decision to close Nice Thai by Kid Curry comes as a shock to many, as the restaurant was seemingly thriving. However, owners and brothers Cameron and Jordan Votan explained that they felt the need for a fresh concept in the space. 

The Votans cited the challenge of being located in close proximity to their other successful eateries, Happy Boy and Snack Man, which may have impacted Nice Thai’s distinct identity.

“It was a hard decision. It definitely was hitting its stride, and it definitely had a level of custom that was sustainable…but for how good it was, it did suffer a little bit for being another Asian restaurant next to Happy Boy and Snack Man,” Cameron said.

Cameron explained that Mini seems to be an ideal concept for their vision. They drew inspiration from their fond culinary memories of Paris and are excited about prospect of creating an enchanting outdoor French setting. Guests will indulge in cheese platters, charcuterie boards, exquisite cocktails, and exceptional French wines. 

Whilst the closure of Nice Thai by Kid Curry has left its loyal patrons saddened, the prospect of a French bistro and wine bar taking its place has generated significant anticipation among food enthusiasts. 

Published 16-Sept-2023