Museum of Brisbane Celebrates 60 Years of Clay-Making at Brisbane Art Design 2023

In a vibrant celebration of Brisbane’s thriving art and design scene, the Museum of Brisbane marked a significant milestone with “60 Years of Clay-Making,” an exhibition for Brisbane Art Design 2023.

In its third biennial program, Brisbane Art Design (BAD) 2023 showcased the city’s finest visual, craft and design work — encouraging creativity and displaying Brisbane’s unique artistic voice.

Curated under the guidance of Cathy de Silva, BAD’s Executive Producer and Acting CEO of the Museum of Brisbane, the exhibition brought together a select collection of contemporary ceramics.

Unveiling the evolution of clay-making over six decades, this extraordinary showcase mirrored Brisbane’s arts sector’s growth and innovation.

“Our former CEO, Renai Grace, identified a need to celebrate the design and art sector in Brisbane and felt that MoB could bring together an event that would demonstrate Brisbane’s unique voice,” de Silva said.

Throughout the exhibition, audiences were captivated by the transformative power of clay and its ability to shape and redefine the artistic landscape. Brisbane Art Design 2023 was the culmination of 60 years of clay making, an achievement that stands as a testament to the city’s artistic heritage and promising future.

About the Museum of Brisbane

Museum of Brisbane Celebrates 60 Years of Clay-Making at Brisbane Art Design 2023
View of the copper dome from the Museum of Brisbane.
Photo Credit: John Robert McPherson / Wikimedia Commons

The Museum of Brisbane, located within Brisbane City Hall, is a renowned history and art museum that serves as a hub for exploring the dynamic life, histories, and contemporary cultures of Brisbane. With a mission to “deepen the understanding of place,” the museum showcases the diverse people, passions, and ever-evolving cultural landscape of the city. 

Situated on the top floor of City Hall in a purpose-built gallery, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the iconic Clock Tower and copper dome while immersing themselves in engaging exhibitions and immersive experiences. As a leading institution, the Museum of Brisbane invites individuals to discover and appreciate the vibrant culture and rich stories that shape the city’s identity.

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Published 17 June 2023