Historic Naldham House Transformed into Premier Dining Destination

The heritage-listed Naldham House on the corner of Mary and Felix Streets, is set to reopen in July after a meticulous decade-long restoration. This significant revival will see the historic building reborn as a vibrant food and beverage destination, hosting three distinct hospitality concepts.

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The first two concepts, Naldham House Brasserie & Terrace and Club Felix, are poised to welcome guests this July, with the third yet-to-be-announced concept expected to open in late 2024.

A Journey Through Time

Naldham House, circa 1935 (Photo credit: Brisbane John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland)

Naldham House, a three-storeyed rendered brick building with a basement, has a rich history dating back to the late 1870s. Originally serving as a shipping office, the building underwent major extensions in 1889. 

For nearly a century, it was a bustling hub for the maritime industry. In the 1990s, significant renovations transformed it into the home of the Brisbane Polo Club, which occupied the site for almost 25 years until its closure nearly a decade ago.

The Restoration Odyssey

Naldham House, 2008 (Photo credit: Heritage Branch Staff, Brisbane City Council)

The restoration of Naldham House has been a laborious and intricate process, spanning over ten years. This extensive project, spearheaded by current co-owners Dexus and Dexus Wholesale Property Fund, who acquired the property in 2016, is part of the larger $2.5 billion Waterfront Brisbane development by Dexus.

Restoring a heritage building is no small feat, and Naldham House presented unique challenges. The impacts of the 2022 Brisbane flood added to the complexity, necessitating extensive work in the basement and the involvement of skilled artisans, including painters, plasterers, and joiners, to repair and recreate heritage elements faithfully. These efforts were crucial in preserving the building’s historical integrity whilst adapting it for contemporary use.

New Beginnings: The Hospitality Concepts

Photo credit: Wonderous Place/Google Maps 

Under the management of hospitality industry leaders DAP & Co, known for popular establishments like Popolo, Gresham Bar, and Walter’s Steakhouse & Bar, Naldham House will feature three distinct hospitality venues.

  1. Naldham House Brasserie & Terrace: Situated on the ground floor, this venue will evoke the grandeur of international hotel lobbies with its pan-European menu and traditional service style. It promises a refined dining experience that pays homage to the building’s storied past.
  2. Club Felix: Occupying the first floor, this late-night cocktail bar and lounge will offer a French-inspired menu of small plates and charcuterie, complemented by an extensive selection of wines and cocktails. Club Felix aims to provide a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere for evening patrons.
  3. Third Concept: The final concept, which remains under wraps, is anticipated to open in time for spring, adding another layer of excitement and variety to the Naldham House experience.

The building’s transformation from a 19th-century shipping office to a 21st-century hospitality venue underscores the dynamic interplay between the past and the present.

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As Naldham House reopens its doors, it not only celebrates its storied past but also embarks on a new chapter, poised to become a premier destination in Brisbane’s vibrant culinary scene.

Published 20-June-2024