Proposed Building In Brunswick St To Have Animated 3D Art Wall

An animated 3D art wall will serve as the defining feature of a proposed 14-storey mixed-use building along Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley.

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The art display, which will be a combination of animated imagery, 3D imagery, and visual media, bears a resemblance to the huge public art installation on Times Square and the illuminated signs at the Piccadilly Circus in London. 

Piccadilly Lights, London (Photo credit:

The 3D art wall will make use of creative lighting through illuminating soffits along the city room on the key corner of the site.

“The art media wall will likely provide opportunities for third party advertising, with advertising only provided to third parties who’s marketing campaigns and brand align with the identity of the proposal,” the document for the proposal reads. 

Aside from promoting the building’s unique identity, the media wall will help to establish the site as a recognisable landmark. The media wall is expected to become a defining feature along that key corner and thoroughfare in the Fortitude Valley.

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Photo credit: Brisbane City Council PD Online


The applicant is seeking  approval for a 14-storey mixed-use commercial tower for office and retail uses. The tower will be sited over two basement levels and a two-storey podium. 

The ground floor and mezzanine level, as well as a portion of the basement level, will have retail activations, a showroom, and cafe tenancies.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council PD Online

The subject site is located at 388 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, on the corner of Brunswick and McLachlan Streets.

The proposed site consists of 1,198 sqm of a larger, 2,871-sqm site which includes an existing basement car park arrangement, and low rise residential development beside. The applicant has proposed a total of 125 parking spaces, with 83 bicycle parking slots. 

Elevation from Brunswick Street Facing Berwick Street (Photo credit: Brisbane City Council PD Online)

The site as a whole is currently improved by two buildings. The building on the left portion of the site was formerly known as the licensed venue, ‘The Flying Cock’. The right portion is currently improved by a four-storey building presently known as FV4006 Apartments with two tenancies on the ground floor.

“The proposal represents more than just an example of high-quality contemporary architecture. It is considered in its design, seeking to blend international architectural elements from Japan and New York City with Brisbane’s sub-tropical vernacular,” Urbis has written in an assessment report for the applicant. 

For further details about the proposed development, see DA-A005898651.