Everything Plant or Natural-Based Under One Roof at Brisbane Vegan Expo in Bowen Hills

Are you part of the vegan community in Brisbane? Then don’t miss this special two-day event featuring everything plant and natural-based in Bowen Hills from the 19th to 20th of Oct 2019.

Happening at the Exhibition Building in the corner of Gregory Terrace and Costin Street near the Brisbane Showgrounds, the inaugural Brisbane Vegan Expo will open at 10:00 a.m.  

The event will not just showcase vegan food and drinks but also vegan skincare and healthcare products, plant-based clothing, household goods and heaps of other interesting items free of animals and animal by-products.

Expect more than 100 exhibitors at the visitors at the Brisbane Vegan Expo, including some fo these businesses below:

Wholesomeness Health Food

Have little time to shop and prepare healthy food? This store conveniently cooks, packs, chills or freezes healthy, nutrient-dense, low-allergy meals for delivery to your home or workplace. 

Photo Credit: Wholesomeness/Facebook

Vegan Perfection 

Featuring a pantry full of vegan biscuits, sauces, spreads, snacks, confectionery, ready-roasted meals, oven and grill dishes, dairy-free cheese, sausages, jerky and a variety of other food, this is the store to visit if you need to start a healthy animal-free diet.

Photo Credit: Vegan Perfection/Facebook

Indira Organics

This shop makes small batches of handcrafted, 100 percent chemical-free, Australian-made skin care products for your healthy skin care and maintenance. If you’ve got sensitive skin or develop skin allergies from other brands, check out this healthier option.

Photo Credit: Indira Organics/Facebook

Kohki Therapy

Discover the wonders of a Japanese style treatment therapy to refresh and strengthen your body and mind. Consultants and therapists will be at the stalls to impart tips and advice, as well as to conduct a 15-minute or 30-minute session. 

Photo Credit: Kohki Therapy/Facebook

For the full list of exhibitors, visit the official site’s listing.

Meanwhile, Australian animal rights activist James Aspey will be one of the special resource person of the Brisbane Vegan Expo. Known for his advocacy against cruelty to animals, Aspey did not speak for a full year in 2014 as part of his protest. 

Since then, however, he has helped raise awareness on his advocacy by conducting various speaking engagements about the significance and impact of going vegan. 

“The Brisbane Vegan Expo is intended to demonstrate the simplicity of transitioning towards a vegan lifestyle and support those who want to continue along this journey. The journey for some can take time and we recognise the value of providing assistance along the way. We endeavour to inspire and motivate people to consider and/or continue to increase consuming plant-based options,” the organisers said. 

Tickets to the Brisbane Vegan Expo cost $12.64 including the fee. Children under 12 years old may enter for free whilst $2 for every ticket sold will go to a vegan charity.