Fortitude Valley VFX and Post-production Startup Scales Up Globally

A VFX and post-production company that traces its roots to Fortitude Valley and now maintains a presence on three continents, is making waves internationally and impressing the likes of Netflix, Nintendo, and Sony with its talent and creativity.

Established by six creative individuals, Alt.vfx is no ordinary player in the field of high-end visual effects for film, commercials, and television. As a boutique VFX and post-production outfit, its impact belies its size.

The journey from Queensland start-up to international phenomenon has been nothing short of remarkable for Alt.vfx.

Armed with exceptional skills in crafting top-tier visual effects for movies, TV shows, and commercials that would propel their venture, Alt.vfx has managed to become a major player in the global arena. 

The company has worked on titles that include “The Power of the Dog,” “Pieces of Her,” and “True Spirit.” Its portfolio includes collaborations with heavyweight clients such as Nintendo and Sony.

Currently, the company provides post-production services for the live-action adaptation of the cult-favourite anime series YuYu Hakusho that is scheduled for release in December 2023. 

Alt.vfx – The Work – 2020 from altvfx on Vimeo.

Through strategic partnerships with Screen Queensland’s Post, Digital, and Visual Effects Incentive program, Alt.vfx managed to secure contracts in 2021 and 2022 totalling $3.2 million and is now helping young artists refine their skills.

After establishing a presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Los Angeles, the business has expanded ten-fold, hitting another recent milestone earlier this year, with the addition of its new workspace situated beneath the Story Bridge, the SteelBridge Studios.

The purpose-built SteelBridge Studios signifies more than just a physical space. It is also a testament to Alt.vfx’s commitment to nurturing local talent.

Calling the company a “Queensland success story” and expressing admiration for its impressive track record, QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that her recent trade mission in Japan included a meeting with the company and Netflix Japan on possible colloborations.

Director Colin Renshaw credits a substantial portion of their achievements to advancements in technology, with a specific focus on the incorporation of Unreal Engine technology.

He emphasised how the technology has transformed their VFX process and allowed them to build realistic landscapes and record them on film. In fact, he said, this advancement in technology has improved the quality of their work while streamlining their workflow.

Alt.vfx continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, proving that despite their humble beginnings, a cinematic excellence can be crafted that resonates on a global scale.

Published 23-August-2023