First Australian Exhibition of Peruvian Pucara Bulls Debuts in Fortitude Valley

The art of crafting Pucara Bulls is a revered tradition passed down through generations in the remote Andean town of Checca Pupuja in Peru. Legend has it that the bulls ward off malevolent spirits and bring prosperity and happiness. Mitchell Fine Art showcases a collection of these handcrafted 16th-century bulls in Fortitude Valley, the first exhibition of its kind in the country!

Visitors to Mitchell Fine Art will be transported across continents and centuries as they encounter the Pucara Bulls collection until Saturday, the 11th of May 2024. 

This marks the culmination of an international journey for these revered artifacts, which have graced galleries from Lima to Tokyo, each stop adding layers of cultural exchange and appreciation.

Pucara Bulls
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Craftsmanship and Legacy

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The symbolism behind the Pucara Bulls resonates deeply with Peruvian culture, where spiritualism intertwines with daily life. Legend has it that the bulls not only ward off malevolent spirits but also bring prosperity and happiness to the households they overlook, fostering a sense of communal well-being that transcends borders.

Traditionally placed on household rooftops, the Pucara Bulls symbolise protection and prosperity, believed to bestow good fortune and happiness upon their inhabitants. Originating from Pucara-Puno in southern Peru, these ceramic representations of bulls capture the essence of Andean spirituality and cultural heritage, blending ancient symbols with contemporary artistic expression.

The art of crafting Pucara Bulls is a revered tradition passed down through generations in the remote Andean town of Checca Pupuja. Here, skilled artisans breathe life into clay, infusing each sculpture with tales of ancient myths and modern aspirations.

Pucara Bulls
Photo Credit: Mitchell Fine Art/Instagram

Celebrating Cultural Exchange 

The collaboration between Mitchell Fine Art, through curator Sharon Mitchell and her team, and the Embassy of Peru in Canberra underscores the power of art to bridge cultural divides and foster understanding. 

Through workshops, lectures, and interactive displays, audiences of all ages can engage with the Pucara Bulls’ story and leave with a deeper appreciation for the bonds that unite us as a global community.

Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley is open six days a week. Follow them on Instagram for updates.

Published 2-May-2024